10 Latin American Cities That Should Be on Your Bucket List

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Every part of the world is different not just in terms of the topography but in terms of culture, religions, and languages too. Travelers, generally can be categorized into different categories and one of these is those who prefer risk-free holidays, preferring domestic destinations over international ones. Go with vuelos nacionales baratos for this. There are the others, those after adventures and they will consider any destination that catches their fantasy. This group will include those who want to try out destinations, not many people frequent. Then there will be those with interest in a particular region or continent. If you want to fly to Latin America for your next break, here we suggest some destinations.

Machu Picchu, Peru: History preserved

This destination is proof of what the empire of Indigenous people was like before Peru and the surrounding region was colonized. The main site here is based in the mountains, and you will find a well-designed old citadel here, which could have supported the lives of hundreds of people. To get here you will have to hike along the mountains and trek up a large hill to see your prize. It is of great interest to historians and archaeologists and to the general public interested in pre-colonial architecture.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Carnival City

This city is the capital of Brazil and is known around the world for its carnival season, where you will find a large parade with people dancing dressed in more than exotic dresses. The name of this city evokes the image of a large statue of Jesus based on a mountain looking down at the entire city. This city has given birth to many famous footballers and there are the popular beaches where you will find crowds at all times of the year. As for culture, there are museums and libraries which you can visit if these interest you.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: City of fair winds

Like most Latin American cities, the Iberian colonists established this city in Argentina along the River Plate. Today it is as cosmopolitan as any city in the world, trading with cities not just in North America but across the globe. There are good shopping malls and boulevards where you can spend your evenings admiring the views as you walk. It is popular with international tourists who come here in millions every year. For the youth, there is an active nightlife with various bars and clubs.

Cartagena, Colombia: The path to gold

This city is on the northern coast of Colombia along the Caribbean Sea. Historically it has been an important seaport allowing valuable minerals to be exported, which some people nowadays may consider as looting. You will find plenty of examples of colonial architecture, in not just some streets but there are a few larger structures like castles too. This ambitious city aims to invite more tourists by expanding its hospitality sector with more hotels.

Cusco, Peru: Evolution over centuries

This city is in a valley surrounded by mountains, a postcard view that most will enjoy. Here you will find remnants from the indigenous era, and colonial era and there are some prime examples of modern architecture. There are some popular monuments, the photos of which with you will be a good reminder of your trip here. There is the Huatanay River flowing close to the city, giving you opportunities to walk along its trails. In this city, you can hope to meet the few remaining descendants of the Incas, some of whom still speak their old language.

Santiago, Chile: In the name of a saint

This landlocked city is the capital of Chile and is within driving distance from the Pacific Ocean. It has been the capital since colonial times, so you can expect to see a lot of classic architecture here. You can see the mountains from any part of the city and you will find vineyards as you cross the city limits. So it’s a must to Vuelos a Santiago for your next escape. There are many old and new churches, as most citizens here are Catholic Christians. The cuisine has a lot of seafood and some items will be new even to those who are used to Latin American cuisines.

Oaxaca, Mexico: One visit is not enough

This city is in the state of the same name in southern Mexico. Here you will find structures that are millenniums old, erected by the Indigenous people and there are plenty of buildings that will show you how the Spaniards ruled here. Many tourists come here just to spend time looking at these and these will be recommended for a day trip by most tourist advisors. This city is also known for its culinary inventions and you should try out one of the many highly-rated restaurants here. This city gave birth to a few popular presidents, so you can visit their homes which are now historic sites.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: A modern tourist resort destination

If you go for seasonal holidays in Latin America, you will be aware of this destination. It is popular for its beaches and with youth due to the nightlife it offers. You can get involved in all sorts of activities from boat rides, and kayaking to snorkeling. There are cobbled streets in areas where wealthy of the past resided and there are markets for you to collect your souvenirs for your trip here. There are numerous hotels, some next to the beaches, and plenty of restaurants with their unique offerings.

Antigua, Caribbean: The Island of Joy

This destination is for yachting lovers who will find yacht shows and races here. As you will expect from a beach destination, there will be plenty of water fun. This island is also popular for online gambling as it is legal here. There are also a few international banks that take advantage of the liberal laws of the small 2-island nation this island is in. In terms of resorts, you could consider it as a luxury resort, and tourism and tourism-related activities are the major occupations here. The beaches are amazing here and you will find some old churches too.

Panama City, Panama: A city made popular by a canal

This city is based around a canal that connected the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast, a fact which gave many trading opportunities to not just this city but the entire region it is in. There are a few islands close to it which you can reach through boat rides for water fun. You will find Indigenous people practicing their culture as they have for generations and fusion food with more to offer than seafood. It has a large hospitality sector with hotels that will fit the budgets of different kinds of tourists.


Latin America is a large part of the world, spanning 2 continents and here we have suggested some destinations that are a must for a visit for anyone interested in this region.

The post 10 Latin American Cities That Should Be on Your Bucket List appeared first on Travel Daily Media.


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