British artists and TV show snow-carving instructors help Icehotel in Swedish Lapland celebrate 35 years

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CEHOTEL 29 | Art Suite Flock | Design Lisa Lindqvist & Ulrika Tallving | Photo Asaf Kliger | © ICEHOTEL


Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, the world-renowned hotel made entirely of ice and snow, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this winter with a breathtaking display of artistic creations. The selection process for the international design competition is complete and among the 27 talented artists from 13 countries that have been chosen to bring their visions to life in Icehotel 35 are Lisa Lindqvist and the UK´s Kate Munro, who will be creating the Ceremony Hall, and Rob Harding from the UK with Timsam Harding, with their art suite ´Change Though Time´.

 Lisa Lindqvist & Kate Munro. Photo: Asaf Klige


From a colossal rhinoceros unexpectedly finding its way into a guest room to a mesmerizing bird’s nest sculpted from ice and snow, the art suites, the Main Hall, and the Ceremony Hall promise to provide visitors with unforgettable experiences. Drawing inspiration from the rich Sami craft tradition and paying homage to the ancient goddess Gaia, the art in Icehotel 35 is set to captivate the imagination of guests when it opens on December 13th 2024.

Celebrate 35 with surprises and a new ice bar
Every winter, when the snow covers the small village of Jukkasjärvi in the north of Sweden, the artists together with the construction team, ice production, art support, and a lighting team, start the creation of the 2,800-square-meter seasonal hotel made entirely of snow and ice. The river’s ice transforms into unique artworks, that only live for the season, and then return to water when Icehotel melts in the spring. 

Marie Herrey, CEO of Icehotel, shared her anticipation for the upcoming season, saying:

“I look forward to stepping into Icehotel 35 and showing the world what I believe will be a spectacular version of Icehotel. In addition to fantastic art, we will celebrate our 35 years with some surprises in and around the Icehotel, and also create a completely new theme at the Icebar in the permanent part of Icehotel.”



Icehotel 35: 12 Art Suites, 1 main hall, 1 ceremony hall

Ceremony Hall: Gaia’s Bloom
Lisa Lindqvist & Kate Munro, UK

Change Through Time
Rob Harding, UK & Timsam Harding, Spain


Under the Arctic Skin (2016) – by Rob Harding and Timsam Harding. Photo: Asaf Kliger


Lisa Lindqvist explains the inspiration behind their abundant plans for the Ceremonial Hall.

Our inspiration for this Ceremonial Hall is really to create the most abundant, joyous, life-affirming explosion of beautiful, sculpted flowers and forms. We are so very excited to be given this opportunity to hand sculpt on such a giant scale. Our design is an entire wall created from a mixture of snow and ice which forms a semi-symmetrical bouquet of blooms. The flowers and leaves extend into the room along the two adjoining walls and frame an ice altar and font. 

Gaia is the ultimate Mother Earth Goddess, and we thought it would be a fitting title to name our Room Gaia’s Bloom. Flowers are such a beautiful symbol of the transience of life… the fleeting moment of perfection and bounty. The celebration of these divine jewels of the earth will make such an inspiring backdrop for the seminal moments that take place within a ceremonial hall: The marriages and baptisms, services, gatherings and choirs.

It´s not the first time Lisa has used her creativity at IceHotel, she explains. “I first came to the Icehotel in 2016 and made a room on my own called ‘Sleeping Inside a Thought’ then again on my own with ‘Wandering Cloud ‘ in 2017 and 2018 collaborating with Ulrika Tallving with ‘Flock’.”



The post British artists and TV show snow-carving instructors help Icehotel in Swedish Lapland celebrate 35 years appeared first on Travel Daily Media.


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