Men make more holiday mistakes than women

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A new survey from Go.Compare has revealed that men make the most mistakes while on a holiday abroad.

Out of the top 10 most common holiday mistakes, half are made more often by men, compared to women. Of the remaining five mistakes, three are equally common among both men and women, and two are made more by women.

The biggest difference between the two occurs at the bar. Getting too drunk is a blunder made notably more often by men, as 14% admit to having done this, compared to just 8% of women.

Here are the mistakes with the biggest differentiation:

Similarly, men seem to be far more prone to getting lost while on their break, as 13% of male respondents selected this misstep, while just 9% of women said they’ve done the same thing. 

Forgetting to notify the bank about a trip overseas is another error that’s made more by men, slipping the minds of 12% of men and 9% of women. This mistake can result in the bank flagging card activity as suspicious, which could potentially lead to it becoming blocked.

Men are also more likely to lose a valuable item and buy something that turns out to be fake, with 7% and 4% of men picking these respectively, compared to 6% and 3% of women.

On the flip side, forgetting to pack swimwear or another item of clothing is more common among women (8%) than men (7%), even if only slightly. Meanwhile, women are also marginally more likely to get locked out of their hotel rooms, 6% compared to 5% of men – a mistake that can no doubt cause quite a bit of stress.

Overall though, the top holiday mistake made by Brits, picked by 40% of respondents, is getting sunburnt, which is made equally by both men and women.

Ceri McMillan, travel insurance expert at Go.Compare, said: “Nobody plans on making a mistake when they go on their holiday abroad. While a bit of preparation can stop you from overindulging or getting sunburnt, some things may be simply out of your control. Given that mistakes can happen to even the most well-prepared travellers, it’s important to have contingency measures in place.

“For this reason, getting a travel insurance policy can prove to be an invaluable purchase for when things don’t go to plan, providing some much-needed compensation to help save the trip.”

The post Men make more holiday mistakes than women appeared first on Travel Daily.

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