Online Travel Training (OTT) announces latest survey

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As the travel industry continues its journey towards recovery, travel agents across the UK are gearing up for a brighter future. Building upon the successes of past initiatives, Online Travel Training (OTT) is thrilled to announce its latest survey, “Global Green Shoots of Recovery: Anticipating Positive Trends in Post-Pandemic Travel,” set to run throughout the month of September.

The previous “Global Green Shoots of Recovery” survey conducted by OTT yielded valuable insights into the travel industry’s resilience and adaptability during the challenging times of the pandemic. It showcased how travel agents pivoted, adapted, and remained steadfast in their commitment to their clients’ travel dreams.

Now, as the world begins to reopen and travelers rediscover their wanderlust, the upcoming survey aims to capture the current sentiment among travel agents. It will explore their expectations, hopes, and predictions for the future of travel as we navigate the post-pandemic landscape.

Key Objectives of the Survey:

To gauge travel agents’ outlook on the recovery of the travel industry.
To identify emerging travel trends and destination preferences.
To understand the role of sustainability and responsible travel in the post-pandemic era.
To assess the impact of technology and digital tools on travel agent operations.
To uncover innovative strategies employed by travel agents to adapt to the evolving travel landscape.

The survey will serve as a barometer for the industry, shedding light on how travel agents envision the future of travel and how they plan to support their clients in this evolving environment.

“OTT is proud to continue its commitment to the travel trade by conducting this survey, which builds upon the ‘Global Green Shoots of Recovery’ theme that resonated so strongly in our previous initiative. We believe that the responses from travel agents will offer valuable insights and guidance for the entire industry,” said Julia Feuell, CEO at OTT.

Travel agents, industry professionals, and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this survey and share their perspectives. The results will be carefully analyzed and published to provide a comprehensive overview of the travel industry’s current state and future outlook.

Online Travel Training (OTT) is a leading platform for travel education, providing industry-specific training courses and resources for travel professionals. With a global reach, OTT serves as a hub for travel agents to enhance their knowledge and skills, ultimately delivering exceptional travel experiences to their clients.


The post Online Travel Training (OTT) announces latest survey appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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