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Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain – Silicone Clip-On Colander, Heat Resistant Drainer for Vegetables and Pasta Noodles, Kitchen Gadgets for Bowl, Pots, and Pans – Essential Home Cooking Tools – Grey

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This is the original Snap N’ Strain, designed and manufactured by Kitchen Gizmo! This fine mesh strainer is easy to use and makes the perfect kitchen accessory. It is sure to stand out among other basic strainers, kitchen colander, and accessories.


Simple Yet Effective – No battery needed, no noise bothered, just spray and mop. If you still cleaning like one hand hold spray solution, one hand hold mop clean, you will feel so release if you got our mop. Two refillable bottle, enable you fill water in one bottle, fill solution in one bottle as prep cleaning, no worrying fill bottle repeatedly if you have a big house.If you are worrying big bottle heavy mop, you must give it a try.

Make Cleaning Efficient And Fun – Leave the heavy messy bucket alone, refillable spray mop come with 2 of 410ML Water tank, which means you could get 820ml prep solution if you need. You could fill it up with your favorite solution, just make sure clean the water tank when you finished the cleaning, and do not add hot water in it. Simply push the trigger on the handle, it turns water to water mist evenly, save water and make mopping efficiency with minimize efforts than the regular mop.

Buy with Confidence: We’d love hear from you about our product, Regardless of positive side or negative side, we are working on doing it better! If you are not fully satisfied. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.[Small Tip: ①Each spray mop has be spray function tested before sent,a small amount of water may remain in bottle is normal phenomenon.②Please clean the water tank and spray nozzle of the floor mop after use to keep it clean and protected.

MEXERRIS Tips:③Please don’t fill boiling or impurity water, strong acid,alkali detergent into the bottle of the wet mop.④Please fully dilute solutions with plain water,because concentrated solutions may corrode mop internal parts or some floor types. ⑤ There are two small silicone plugs on the bottle cap of our spray mop. Please be careful not to lose them when cleaning the bottle to prevent the bottle from leaking.

Get Two Refillable Bottles – Why we offer 2x bottles in one package? Yes, absolutely because of our MEXERRIS customers!As we gathered many advice, then decide to add 2 bottle in our newest released spray mop. Now you will have two refillable bottles handy to pre-mix solution for different floors or different use.


  • Q.Can you store the cleaner in the tank when not in use?
  • A. Please clean the water bottle and spray nozzle of the spray mop for cleaner after use.
  • Q. Can I make my own cleaning solution for my spray mop?
  • A. Yes, and many people do. In fact, it’s recommended that you create a dilute solution with plenty of water. Harsher solutions could damage internal parts of the mop and very strong concentrations can be too abrasive for some floors.
  • Q. There is a small amount of water in the floor mop with spray, does it used?
  • A. If there is a small amount of water in the spray mop bottle of the wet mop when you got it, please do not worry, that’s because every spray mop set will be tested by our factory before sent to you.
  • Q. Can more microfiber pads be purchased for MEXERRIS microfiber spray mop for floors?
  • A. You can search the keywords”MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop Pads Replacement” on amazon.
  • Q. Can more Spray floor mop bottle be purchased for this floor mop with spray for cleaning ?
  • A. yes, you can do an Amazon search (search keywords” MEXERRIS 410ML Replacement Bottle for Spray Mop”)for the mop.
  • Q. Does the sprayer allow for several sprays in a row?
  • A.It’s a pull trigger system like a spray bottle. You can pull And spray as much and you’d like.
  • Q. How do you fill the bottle with cleaning solution?
  • A.You can just pull the solution container out and it pops out. It is held in place by a rubber O ring. Then you can unscrew the top of the bottle cap and fill it than push/pop it back in.

Are you tired of holding big heavy mop? are you tired of small water tank mop which need refill and refill again?

  • From now, You don’t have to bear with this ever, we are offering two bottle in one package, you could fill different solution in each bottle as prep- cleaning, fill same solution in both bottle so you don’t have to refill it again and again
  • Fully sealed bottle features leak free and 410ml capacity give the mop the most appropriate weight, very handy in your hand, even your child could do mopping for you!
  • Save your cost from commercial solution, you could DIY your own solution shinning your floor.

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