Spanish and Turkish fans will have the most affordable flights to the Euro 2024 final

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The anticipation for the UEFA Euro 2024 final is beyond the stadiums: Mabrian’s data intelligence shows how this sporting passion reflects in the preparations to travel to Berlin from several European countries to enjoy grand final match. But the costs will not be the same, and this may determine the size of the fandom from each country who will cheer on their teams in the last match.

Airfares from Spain and Turkey will be the most affordable, while British, Portuguese and Swiss would have to pay the highest price increases; in fact, one-way flights from the United Kingdom will reach 572 euros, on average, the day prior to the UEFA Euro 2024 final.

Mabrian focused on the period from July 11 to July 16 to study the variation in air capacity and in average prices (one way, taxes included) of direct flights from the countries that advanced to the quarter-finals (Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Portugal), and domestic connections with other German airports.

The most affordable flights, from Spain and Turkey

Airfares begin to increase precisely starting on July 11, depending on the markets of origin, to skyrocket just 48 hours after.

Prices for flights from Turkish airports to Berlin remain very stable during the period analysed, although they increase by 66% from 11 to 13 July, reaching an average fare of 178 euros (one-way ticket) the day before the final. Turkey is the only Euro finalist country from which flights will be more expensive on very same day of the final, when average one-way ticket prices will reach their highest in the period analysed, 187 euros.

In this narrow 48-hour window, average fares for one-way flights to Berlin from Spain on the day before the final increase an average of 174 euros, 53% more than two days before.

In the middle of the table are France and the Netherlands. French fans will have to pay 130% more for their flights compared to 11 July, when they reach 129 euros (one-way ticket), to hit almost 300 euros on 13 July. Fares will be higher and will increase even further for travel from the Netherlands, by 73%, from 180 to 312 euros in just 48 hours.

British, Portuguese and Swiss are the fans who would pay the highest airfares to fly to Berlin. Flights from the United Kingdom to the German capital range from an average fare in this flight of 189 euros on July 11, to 572 euros on July 13, tripling within 48 hours.

Prices to fly from Portugal to Berlin will slightly exceed 290 euros on average during the period analysed. The average price fluctuates marginally until the day before the final, when the one-way fare doubles compared to July 11, reaching 382 euros. Finally, Swiss fans will have to pay 351 euros for a one-way ticket to Berlin if they travel one day before the final, 61% more than on July 11.On the other hand, domestic flights to Berlin also rise on July 13, the day before the final, going from a rate that fluctuates around 123 euros (one-way ticket) in the days prior, leading up to 222 euros the day before the final match of the tournament.

“In this analysis, we must also consider train connections, either from other German cities or from bordering countries, which will also make travel easier and more affordable for French, Swiss and Dutch fans, as well as local ones,” says Carlos Cendra, Partner and Director of Marketing and Communications at Mabrian.

More capacity to pack the Berlin Olympic Stadium

When comparing the air capacity, in number of available seats, to fly to Berlin from the countries analysed, Spain (+12%), as well as the United Kingdom and France (+28%, respectively) are the countries that increased seats’ availability the most to fly to Berlin between 11 and 16 July, compared to the same dates last year.

The growth in seats on direct flights from Switzerland is also noteworthy, in a combined effect with the summer demand from this source market to other countries around the world.

“When we learn the teams that will play the final match, the prices to fly to the German capital from these countries will increase even more,” says Cendra. “This demand will be added up to the usual demand in mid-July, which is why such important source markets as the United Kingdom, France and Spain are anticipating and increasing the available seats on these routes.”




The post Spanish and Turkish fans will have the most affordable flights to the Euro 2024 final appeared first on Travel Daily Media.


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