Venturing into the wild with a ‘Green’ touch: Albatros Expeditions

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Søren Rasmussen, Owner and Founder, Albatros Expeditions


Do you want to escape the ordinary? Experience the raw power of nature, explore destinations far-far-away? Then it’s time for you to book an Albatros Expedition for a life less ordinary. TDM speaks with Søren Rasmussen, Owner and Founder, Albatros Expeditions, who shares more on the adventurous, sustainable, and magical spirit of the cruise line.

Travel Daily Media (TDM): An explorer at heart, kindly share with us your journey to forming and growing Albatros Expeditions, which has been bringing tourists to the Arctic region for the last three decades. 

Søren Rasmussen (SR): It all began for me in Greenland during the 90s. I’d spent years exploring Africa, but Greenland stopped me in my tracks. I remember packing my walking boots and trekking up to Great Baleen, a mountain outside of Nuuk. The vast, open view of ice and landscape was breathtaking. From that moment, I knew I had to keep coming back for more. The only problem? There just weren’t many ways to get to these remote areas back then.

That’s when Albatros Expeditions started. We begin in the 90s chartering vessels to navigate the Arctic and Greenland. Our focus was clear: create an expedition experience. We wanted our guests to feel like they were truly venturing into the wild, not just on a sightseeing tour. These first ships we have used were different, built for exploration, not luxury.

Fast forward to today, and while we’ve introduced two state-of-the-art vessels with a touch of luxury, our core passion is still the same – exploring the world’s most remote regions. These new ships allow us to offer these incredible adventures at competitive prices, making them accessible to more people.

Being a family-owned company means a lot to us. We want to create the absolute best experience for our guests, with the motto: “Make people feel at home and be part of our family.” On our smaller ships, it’s easy to connect. You’ll see familiar faces in the dining room, forging bonds with fellow explorers and the crew who become your extended family for the journey. Our expedition team itself reflects this spirit. We bring together people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and experiences, to create a truly spectacular adventure for our guests.

We want to sell experiences. We offer the chance to escape the ordinary, to witness the raw power of nature, to visit rarely accessed destinations, and to create memories that will last a lifetime. This is what we’re passionate about, and it shows in every journey we share with our guests.


TDM: How do Albatros Expeditions synergise with exploration, nature conservation and sustainability?

SR: Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We take great pride in being pioneers in sustainable travel, having won our first Sustainable Travel Award in 1995 as Albatros Travel.

Our commitment starts with our fleet. Both the Ocean Victory and Ocean Albatros are designed to be industry leaders in eco-friendly travel. These ships boast one of the lowest fuel consumption to passenger ratios, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Onboard, we’ve implemented a comprehensive green program. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products and offer organic and fair-trade teas, coffees, and sustainably sourced seafood in our restaurants. Even our parkas are designed with recycled materials, and we operate a parka exchange program to ensure minimal waste. We believe in providing a luxurious experience that doesn’t come at the expense of the environment.

Beyond the technical aspects, we prioritise responsible engagement with the communities we visit. Our goal is to ensure our presence has a positive impact, not just on our guests but also on the local people. We aim for safe and environmentally friendly travel to the polar regions, and actively support projects that give back to the places we explore. Our fundraising initiatives contribute to global and local efforts focused on conservation and community development in the regions we operate. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in everything we do, from the design of our ships to the way we interact with the environments we visit.

Søren Rasmussen, Owner and Founder, Albatros Expeditions


TDM: Kindly share top five tips to the perfect Polar Holiday and top five tips to the perfect African Safari.

SR:  1) Do Your Research: Both the Arctic, Antarctica and Africa are vast landscapes with diverse wildlife and natural beauty. Research your ideal destination based on the animals you’d like to see and the type of terrain you prefer. Consider factors like time of year, weather patterns, and wildlife migrations. Albatros Expeditions offers European repositioning trips, Arctic adventures to Greenland and Svalbard, and Antarctic expeditions to the Peninsula, South Georgia and destinations in between. Albatros Africa has tented safari camps in Tanzania and South Africa, and offer trips to Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

2) Choose the Right operators: A reputable company can make all the difference. Look for companies with experienced and knowledgeable guides, comfortable accommodations or fleet, and a strong commitment to ethical wildlife viewing practices.

3) Pack Strategically: Pack comfortable, breathable layers. None of Albatros Travel’s products require formal attire. We emphasise comfort and true expedition experience over unnecessary gimmicks. Binoculars are a must for spotting distant animals! Of course, your camera if you enjoy taking photos.

4) Embrace the long days: Many animals are most active at dawn and dusk. Embrace the early wake-up calls and long days and maximise your wildlife viewing opportunities.

5) Respect the Wildlife: You’re a privileged visitor in these pristine regions. Follow your guide’s instructions and maintain a safe distance from wildlife. Avoid loud noises or sudden movements that could startle animals. Remember, you’re there to observe and appreciate the wonders of nature.



TDM: What are you doing to forge a long term mutually beneficial partnership with your travel trade partners? 

SR:  At Albatros Expeditions, we value our travel trade partners and prioritise building long-term, win-win relationships. Since our chartering days, we’ve maintained a strong focus on B2B partnerships (90-95%), with some lasting since the very beginning. To further strengthen these partnerships, we have representatives across the globe (Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, UK, Middle East, North America) offering support in local languages and time zones. Our globally distributed Business Development teams are market experts dedicated to fostering strong ties with travel agents. We empower them with the latest availability info, sales materials, and stunning visuals to effectively showcase our expeditions. Our team’s passion goes beyond the Polar regions – they’ve personally experienced our adventures, allowing them to answer travel partner questions with firsthand knowledge.

Looking ahead, we’re continuously developing software to enhance the customer journey, provide real-time availability, and simplify the booking process for both travel agents and their clients.


TDM: Facilitating travel for the Scandinavian spirit for decades, what remain your future plans for Albatros Expeditions? What is the legacy that you would leave for the future generations?

SR:  Albatros Expeditions is all about exploring the Arctic and Antarctic regions with a touch of Scandinavian hospitality. People can relax on our ships after a day of adventure, sharing stories with new or old friends and travel companions. That warm and welcoming atmosphere is what we call “hygge.”

Our Danish roots run deep. Our ships are a blend of classic Scandinavian design, comfortable and functional, built by Norwegian experts specifically for polar exploration. They’re beautiful and tough, perfect for the kind of journeys we offer.

Even the food reflects our heritage. During meals and afternoon tea, you might experience Danish delicacies, reflecting a tradition of enjoying delicious food with good company.

Looking ahead, we want to share our passion for exploration with future generations, especially those new to the Polar regions. Our decades of experience in the Arctic inform everything we do, and we hope to leave a legacy of exploration, sustainability, and appreciating the natural world.


TDM: Any message you would like to send across to the young explorers and travellers out there?

SR:  The world of exploration has changed a lot. Back in the day, it was simpler, but today it’s all about exploring responsibly and protecting our planet. Which is a good thing.

We are responsible to take our guests on incredible adventures to these environments safely, but it’s not just about fun and explorations! We also want to teach them all about these amazing, but vulnerable places and the wildlife that calls them home.

We want to create new generation of explorers who are passionate about protecting the natural world. By joining our trips, they can learn from our experts and become explorers who make a difference. We can’t force them to take action, but we hope to spark your curiosity and inspire them to explore and protect our planet for years to come!


The post Venturing into the wild with a ‘Green’ touch: Albatros Expeditions appeared first on Travel Daily Media.


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