48-Hour Getaways: Discover 5 Family-Friendly destinations in Thailand with Accor  

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In today’s fast-paced world, taking a long break can be challenging, however, finding time to relax and  recharge can be very rewarding, especially when shared with loved ones. A short family trip is always a  great idea to reconnect with each other, while indulging in serene destinations, exploring local cultures,  and embarking on unforgettable adventures.

As Thai nationals celebrate Mother’s Day in August, here are five family-friendly destinations across the  country where families can experience an unforgettable trip in just 48 hours.

Seaside Escapade in Hua Hin  

Why: Just a three-hour drive from Bangkok, Hua Hin is a perfect vacation spot for families. With its beautiful beaches, bustling local markets, an array of exciting activities and water parks, this coastal  city guarantees an unforgettable family experience.

48-hr getaway: Hua Hin Beach and Khao Takiab Beach are family-friendly beaches ideal for fun activities like swimming, and sandcastle building. Kids can also enjoy the thrilling water slides, wave  pools, and water play areas at some of Hua Hin’s popular water theme parks. After the sun sets, moms  and families can visit the fresh seafood stalls and shops offering local products and souvenirs at Hua  Hin Night Market and Chatsila Night Market. Families can conclude their journey with a visit to the  enchanting Huay Mongkol Temple before bidding farewell to this coastal gem.

Stay: Mövenpick Asara Resort & Spa Hua Hin is a beautiful oceanfront resort, surrounded by a  landscape of gently swaying palms and tropical gardens. All suites and villas offer a sense of privacy for  families with spacious living spaces. With a range of world-class amenities, including a pool and kids  clubs, guests can enjoy memorable and delightful family time here. When the clock strikes the  Mövenpick’s signature Chocolate Hour, the whole family can anticipate a complimentary assortment of  irresistible cocoa-rich treats.

Mövenpick Asara Resort & Spa Hua Hin 

Tropical Oasis in Rayong  

Why: A local coastal town located at only three hours away by car from Bangkok, Rayong is rich with  natural landscapes, beautiful islands, cultural heritage, fruit and seafood markets and even learning  centers, making it an ideal getaway for families.

48-hr getaway: Families can enjoy banana boats and jet skis on Samet Island, or ride a boat to Talu  Island to snorkel in crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life. For a serene recharge, the vast  mangrove forest of Tung Prong Thong offers fresh air and tranquility. Meanwhile, learning becomes a  joy at Rayong Botanical Garden and Turtle and Sea Conservation Center where children can delve  into the wonders of natural wetlands and marine ecosystems. Yom Chinda Road is where moms can  explore the local lifestyle and shop unique handicrafts made by locals. Before returning home, families  can visit the pagoda by the Rayong river called Phra Chedi Klang Nam to make merit and conclude the trip on a meaningful note.

Stay: The newly opened Novotel Rayong Star Convention Centre, located in the heart of Rayong  city, will conveniently connect guests to historic places and tourist attractions, such as the 80-year-old  Yom Jin Da Road Market, the curvy Seang Chan Beach, Floating Pagoda, and fruit farms. The resort  enhances family time with its exciting kids club and playground that children will love.

Novotel Rayong Star Convention Centre 

Nature Wonderland in Khao Yai  

Why: With lush natural landscape and diverse flora and fauna, Khao Yai offers various attractions and  fun activities for moms and families.

48-hr getaway: Khao Yai National Park, a natural world heritage site, allows travelers to reconnect  with nature through the spectacular waterfalls Haew Narok and Haew Suwat. Adventure awaits at a number of adventure sites across Khao Yai, with thrilling activities such as ATV rides, sky lifts, log  flumes, go-cart for kids, and more. Khao Yai is home to one of the largest dairy farms in Asia, offering an educational delight as children learn about the milk production process.

Stay: Nestled amidst lush mountain landscapes, Mövenpick Resort Khao Yai brings the charms of a  Tuscan country estate to the biodiverse ecological wonderland, perfect for families looking to indulge in  a castle-style experience, along with a number activities designed to entertain the little ones.

Mövenpick Resort Khao Yai

Island Bliss in Phuket 

Why: Just one and a half hours away by flight from Bangkok, Phuket is one of the world’s finest beach  destinations, making it on to many travelers’ bucket lists. Beyond its beautiful beaches and islands,  Phuket boasts historical and cultural sites waiting to be discovered by its visitors.

48-hr getaway: Over 30 beaches in Phuket, each with its unique atmospheres and scenery, invite  moms and families to immerse themselves in the beauty of crystal-clear seas and white sand shores or indulge in thrilling surfing and snorkeling adventures. A must-visit tourist spot is Phuket Old Town,  where families can admire the charm of Sino-Portuguese architecture and buildings. Before returning  home, families can embrace the essence of Phuket’s ancient temples at Chalong Temple.

Stay: Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort is nestled in a cove overlooking the broad palm-lined  arc of Makham Bay. Its private stretch of fine white sand is great for relaxing and ideal for watersports. Families seeking endless fun will delight in the resort’s outdoor swimming pools, including one with an  exciting water slide for the kids. The guided Marine Walk activity will allow the little ones to discover  tiny marine species along the Panwa Beach.

Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort 

Phang Nga Bay Boat Adventure 

Why: Phang Nga is home to tranquil beaches and islands where travelers can enjoy water adventures  such as island-hopping and snorkeling or simply basking in the sun. With its relatively quiet and laid back atmosphere, Phang Nga is an ideal destination for families seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating  getaway.

48-hr getaway: Families can embark on a boat trip to Phang Nga Bay and see some of its iconic  islands: Tapu Island, famously known as James Bond Island, and Ping Ghan Island, which features leaning rocks and caves inside. Another landmark is Pan Yi Island, a small island with a floating village where travelers can learn about life on an island while children play in a floating football field in the  middle of the sea. Back on shore, moms can indulge in tranquil Pak Weep Beach and Bang Sak Beach that stretches along a grove of shady pines. Here, they can snorkel and surf or savor delectable seafood while enjoying the sunset with their family.

Stay: Located on Bang Muang Beach, Pullman Khao Lak Resort offers families an energizing  playground to recharge and reconnect, with the turquoise waters of Andaman Sea as the backdrop. Families can enjoy full facilities, such as spacious Family Suites, a kids club, spa, restaurants, bars, and  exciting excursions to the surrounding area. Kids can look forward to the 1,400 square meter freeform  swimming pool as well as a small waterpark to make a splash.




The post 48-Hour Getaways: Discover 5 Family-Friendly destinations in Thailand with Accor   appeared first on Travel Daily.

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