A full moon of celebrations at Regent Phu Quoc

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 Regent Phu Quoc proudly celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival in a unique way. Throughout September and October, the resort will offer a series of extraordinary dining experiences, elevating the island’s culinary scene. The program includes special highlights such as Australian black truffle season, mooncakes with unique coffee pairings, and Chapter Two of the Four Hands Izakaya. Additionally, you can enjoy a delightful cocktail program at Fu Bar and Bar Jade.

Four Hands Izakaya – Chapter Two with Chef Andy Huynh and Truong Nguyen

Following the debut of their Four Hands Izakaya in August, Chef de Cuisine Andy Huynh, and Truong Nguyen, a master of mixology and the visionary founder of Bittersweet, the hidden bar in Phu Quoc, are set to present two new editions of their izakaya experience in September and October. Each chapter of this series will be meticulously paired with expertly crafted cocktails, resulting in an unforgettable culinary journey.

The journey continues as the talented Bittersweet bartender brings his expertise of transforming spirits into magical elixirs to Regent Phu Quoc. Inspired by the botanical notes of gin, each cocktail has been carefully crafted to complement and elevate the flavours of the dishes. With harmonious and bold contrasts that excite the palate, each izakaya course and cocktail take you on a sublime voyage of culinary creativity and unparalleled pleasure. This extraordinary collaboration of gastronomy and mixology will create a newfound appreciation for the art of dining.

VND 5,000,000++ per guest including cocktails
Oku Restaurant, two chapters in September and October (23 Sep, 21 Oct)

Mid-Autumn Pairing 

As the conversation flows, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, each sip triggering a nostalgic memory. At Rice Market, discover a delightful array of both traditional and modern interpretations of Vietnamese coffee, accompanied by expertly crafted mooncakes. Prepare to indulge in a burst of flavours!

The Mid-Autumn set at Rice Market presents a captivating fusion of flavours featuring coconut coffee paired with two distinct mooncakes. Picture silky strands of coconut delicately weaving through a velvety coffee, creating a perfect balance. Each sip harmonises flawlessly with the mooncakes. Here, tradition meets innovation and every bite and sip are a work of art.

The Caramel Mooncake is crafted with crunchy hazelnut, rich caramel, and a hint of sea salt – a blend of sweetness and savoury notes that will leave you craving more. The Miso Bitter Orange Mooncake is a modern interpretation of the traditional mooncake that pushes boundaries with its bold flavours. The umami notes of miso, silky caramel, the delightful crunch of chocolate chips and zesty aroma of bitter orange intertwine to create a truly exquisite experience.

The Deli | 2 pm until 5 pm
29 September to 6 October
VND 360,000++ per set per person, ​including one coconut coffee and two mooncakes

A Symphony of Truffle Delicacies

While truffles are not due to be harvested for another few months in Europe, the Australian season runs from June to August, providing fresh roots during the summer season. These delicacies are cultivated in Manjimup, Australia’s first truffière, an estate known for its Black Périgord truffles and award-winning vineyards.

At Ocean Club, Chef de Cuisine Daniel Huynh has created a selection of exceptional dishes celebrating Australian black truffles. The immersive menu reveals the unique aroma and delicate taste of the black truffles with a collection of five courses. Select your dish of choice or delight in the chef’s recommendation for exquisite pairings.

A sumptuous array of gourmet dining experiences will be staged, starting with an exclusive Truffle Night on 16 September and the special truffle à la carte menu from 17 to 24 September. This five-course Mediterranean menu pairs wine with delectable black truffle dishes, including crispy chicken skin and truffle curd, roasted Hokkaido scallops with black truffle beurre blanc, and fresh burrata cheese perfectly matched with truffle honey dressing.​

Exclusive degustation truffle menu on 16 September
VND 3,500,000++ per set menu per guest. Limited seats only
Starting from VND 1,500,000++ per guest for the wine pairing package
Daily truffle specials menu available from 17 to 24 September

Liquid Artistry Awaits at Single Malt Week

Enter the captivating realm of exquisite spirits during Single Malt Week. Indulge in the artistry of our meticulously crafted and delightfully distinctive whisky cocktails, as our expert mixologists guide you through a journey that promises an elevated and blissful sensation of pleasure at the enchanting speakeasy, Bar Jade. Embark on a journey of discovery with our meticulously curated cocktail menu, designed to ignite your senses. Each drink is carefully crafted to perfection, offering a delightful exploration of flavours and an unforgettable experience for your palate.

Bar Jade | From 7 pm to 1 pm
From 25 September to 1 October
VND 390,000++ per cocktail

A World of Negroni

Welcome to Negroni Week and prepare to be transported to the epitome of refined flavours. Our talented mixologists at Fu Bar, Bar Jade and Serenity, our luxury catamaran, will go the extra mile and curate an extraordinary selection of imaginative variations. Embark on a Negroni sunset cruise, where sparkling cocktails are paired with delectable canapés aboard Serenity. Escape into a bygone era, at the speakeasy Bar Jade with aged Negroni cocktails – a true testament to the passage of time. When ascending to the top of Fu Bar, step into another world with a series of Negroni cocktails from exotic twists to classic renditions.

Negroni Week | 18 to 24 September
Fu Bar | Level 10 at Sky Wing | Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm
Bar Jade | Ground level | Open Wednesday to Sunday, from 7 pm to 1 am
Serenity as per the schedule

The post A full moon of celebrations at Regent Phu Quoc appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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