AI predicts what luxury cruise ships will look like 50 years from now

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Cruise ships are widely considered to be one of the most luxurious ways to travel given the ever increasing list of amenities that can be found on board, and the fact that it seems they are constantly getting bigger and more impressive all the time. But what could the ships of the future look like? With the help of AI technologies,, has determined what cruise-goers could be expecting in the year 2074, 50 years from now.

AI generated images created using the AI program, Midjourney Bot, show vessels that have developed a sleeker look, with designs steering more toward the use of curves and soft edges in some instances, as opposed to rigid angles and straight lines. Meanwhile, they are also given a futuristic look with curved windows and antenna jutting out atop the ship. Elsewhere, smaller vessels hang to the side of the boat, implying a lifeboat of the future or an exploration vessel for passengers to get a better look at what lies beneath in the ocean.

Much like the outside, the suggestion for the interior of the ship also leans toward curves as well as circular windows to offer optimum views of the sea and approaching lands, while the colour theme leans toward white and metallics. But other interpretations by AI show a more space-like look on ships that look fairly similar to the ships on offer today. However, it’s clear these benefit from advanced technology, featuring a futuristic blue and orange light colour scheme and illuminated control panels.

Meanwhile, another interpretation on an interior shows guests could be treated to very nightclub booth-esque seating, which almost harks back to the 1970s – perhaps suggesting a cyclical revival in that style 100 years on. Stars are a major feature in the design decor, which links to the AI suggestion of the space exploration opportunities that will be available in ships of the future.

When it comes to what amenities travellers can expect in 50 years time, it looks as though virtual reality will be at the forefront of the entertainment, offering guests the chance to take on extreme sports all while remaining safely onboard.

Elsewhere, the likes of AI assistants will be on hand to manage bookings and help with translations for passengers, meanwhile, eco-friendly assets and renewable energy will become standard.

The advancements in space travel could also see guests getting the opportunity to offer trips beyond earth and the chance to experience zero gravity lounges. While at the ports guests are visiting, augmented reality guided tours combine with real life locations to create a one-of-a kind experience.

The cruise amenities of 2074, according to AI: 

Eco-friendly Technologies: Cruise ships would prioritise sustainability and renewable energy, employing advanced green technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, and even hydrogen fuel cells to minimise environmental impact

Virtual Reality Entertainment: Passengers could immerse themselves in cutting-edge virtual reality experiences, from simulated adventure sports to historical reenactments, all within the confines of the ship

AI Assistants: Artificial intelligence-powered assistants would be ubiquitous, providing personalised recommendations, managing bookings, and even offering real-time translation services for international travellers

Advanced Health and Wellness Facilities: Cruise ships would feature state-of-the-art health and wellness centres equipped with advanced medical diagnostic tools, personalised fitness programs, and even on-board medical staff trained in telemedicine

Hyper-Connectivity: High-speed satellite internet would ensure constant connectivity for passengers, allowing them to stay connected with loved ones, work remotely, or stream their favourite content seamlessly while at sea

Augmented Reality Tours: Passengers could explore ports of call through augmented reality guided tours, overlaying historical information and points of interest directly onto their surroundings

Luxurious Accommodations: Rooms would be equipped with advanced amenities such as holographic displays, smart mirrors, and customisable mood lighting, providing passengers with unparalleled comfort and convenience

Space Tourism: With advancements in space travel, luxury cruise ships may offer excursions beyond Earth’s atmosphere into space, providing passengers with the ultimate interstellar experience, complete with zero-gravity lounges and panoramic views of the cosmos.

The post AI predicts what luxury cruise ships will look like 50 years from now appeared first on Travel Daily Media.


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