Beyond Green partners with Nomadic Expeditions to launch immersive itineraries for sustainable luxury getaways

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Beyond Green, a global portfolio of planet Earth’s most sustainable hotels, resorts, and lodges, has launched four new itineraries as part of the brand’s Plan Your Trip program, which provides custom, turnkey booking and facilitation services for travellers seeking holiday experiences that support sustainable tourism.

The all-inclusive trips have been designed in partnership with Nomadic Expeditions and will include Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, and India as the host destinations. Each meticulously crafted journey is designed to have a positive impact on nature, uplift local communities, and preserve cultural heritage, aligning with Beyond Green’s steadfast commitment to making travel a force for good. 

Nomadic Expeditions – renowned for their transformative travel experiences and as a premier provider of customised travel services to Mongolia, India, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan – will provide travellers with an unparalleled level of personalised service to seamlessly book both pre-designed itineraries and tailor-made expeditions incorporating Beyond Green member properties and other hotels on Beyond Green’s itinerary booking platform. Their dedicated team keeps travellers well-informed and inspired, assisting with activity arrangements, transfers, reservations, and tours guided by experts, along with help navigating any relevant travel restrictions, if needed.  

The new carefully curated travel experiences are ready for booking on the dedicated Plan Your Trip platform and include:  

7-day Bhutan Explorer Journey (Season: September – April): Experience Bhutan’s unparalleled natural beauty and rich cultural heritage through a range of activities, including hiking through lush forests, exploring ancient monasteries, and savouring local cuisine. Highlights of the trip include discovering the country’s capital of Thimphu; visiting Punakha Dzong, one of the most beautiful and well preserved dzongs (fortress) in Bhutan; taking an awe-inspiring hike to the legendary Tiger’s Nest; and seeing the black-necked cranes of Phobjikha. Visitors will also learn about local sustainability initiatives, including conservation of Bhutanese culture and heritage, waste reduction and management, local sourcing of food, and community engagement. 
12-day Iconic Nepal (On Demand Departures from September – April): This cultural tour begins by exploring the sites in and around Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. Travellers will wander the ancient temples and bazaars of Kathmandu, meet with the Tibetan Buddhist community at Bodnath, and explore the Hindu temple complex at Bhaktpur and Patan. After experiencing the best of Kathmandu, visitors will head to Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal. Nestled in the lushly forested Pokhara Valley, the city of Pokhara is surrounded by the towering Himalaya mountain range, including several of the range’s legendary peaks – Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, the iconic fish-tail peak of Machhapucchare, and the redoubtable Annapurnas. The tour ends in the “Terai,” the plains and jungles of Nepal, for four days that will blend relaxation with the thrill of a safari in Chitwan National Park. 
9-Day Mongolia Explorer (Private Journey Offered from May-October): This journey offers travellers the opportunity to explore the storied realm of nomadic adventure, ancient culture, and otherworldly beauty that is Mongolia. Guests will connect deeply with one of the wildest places on Earth by strolling through the monastery grounds and museums of the capital of Ulaanbaatar, camel trekking across seas of dunes, discovering fossils at the iconic Flaming Cliffs, and taking in the natural beauty of Yol Valley National Park and Terelj National Park. Guests will stay in luxuriously appointed traditional gers and meet eminently hospitable local people to embrace a timeless way of life. 
12-day India – Exploring Rajasthan (Private Departures From September – March): A region abounding with magnificent forts and palaces, Rajasthan is the fabled land of the Maharajas of India. This tour offers a captivating journey through the enchanting state of Rajasthan with immersive experiences showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and sustainable initiatives. The tour begins with a visit to Jaipur, the vibrant capital city known for its palaces and bustling markets. From there, participants will venture into the rural heartland, exploring traditional villages and witnessing the authentic lifestyle of the locals. The itinerary also includes visits to iconic landmarks such as the majestic Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and the exquisite Lake Palace in Udaipur. Along the way, guests will engage in meaningful activities like wildlife conservation and eco-friendly initiatives, promoting sustainable practices and supporting local communities. This tour offers a unique perspective on Rajasthan, allowing travellers to delve deep into its cultural tapestry while contributing to its preservation for future generations. 

Beyond Green is also making it easier to explore the world by car with the debut of its new road trip itineraries providing sustainable roadmaps for travellers seeking unforgettable adventures, while minimising their global climatic impact. The California Road Trip takes travellers on a scenic route encompassing some of the most remarkable roads in the United States. From picturesque Laguna Beach in Southern California northwards to Big Sur, San Francisco, and Napa Valley, the route extends all the way to the Stateline of Nevada. Along the way, travellers can stop at Beyond Green’s five exceptional and eco-conscious hotels and resorts in California and Nevada to experience the breathtaking beauty of the West Coast while minimizing their environmental footprint. For an international adventure to Europe, wanderlusters can embark on a road trip across the Italian countryside, savouring each region’s unique landscapes, history, culture, and cuisines while experiencing Beyond Green’s exceptional collection of sustainable accommodations in Tuscany, Piedmont, Lake Garda and the Dolomites. 

Continuing its dedication to leveraging travel as a positive force, Beyond Green also recently introduced a new e-directory. This empowering platform enables travellers to make conscious travel choices by providing easy access to a comprehensive directory of the brand’s sustainable hotels, resorts, and lodges around the globe. With detailed information about each property’s unique amenities, experiences, and sustainability initiatives, the e-directory enables travellers to foster deeper connections with the people and places they encounter, thereby creating more meaningful experiences along their way. 

The post Beyond Green partners with Nomadic Expeditions to launch immersive itineraries for sustainable luxury getaways appeared first on Travel Daily.

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