Can you find this new secret Nintendo cafe in Tokyo? By: Sasha Brady

Tokyo is famous for its secret bars but now there’s another ‘hidden’ spot for you to uncover; a cafe dedicated to Nintendo called ’84’. Created by former Nintendo Co. employee Toru Hashimoto, it’s a warm and cosy spot filled with video game memorabilia, artifacts, art and some surprises.

Tokyo has plenty of secret cocktail bars in well-concealed spots. Uncovering them is an experience in itself, especially for out-of-towners trying to make sense of the city’s small side roads and backstreets. But if you’re up for a cuter challenge, one with a side of Pokemon, Super Mario and Dragon Quest, try locating one of Tokyo’s newest hidden gems.

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Framed autographs by video game producers hang inside 84 © Bloomberg / Getty Images

You won’t find it on a map and there are no signs on the door, but hidden deep in the Shibuya district is 84. Owner Toru Hashimoto has transformed a former members-only diner for video game fans into a cafe that’s open to all—if you manage to track it down.

While it’s certainly a must-see destination for Nintendo fans, on the website 84 says it welcomes “people who love games, people who like games a lot, people who like games a little, people who don’t like or hate games, people who don’t understand games at all”—so it’s fair to say it’s for everyone.

A classic Nintendo console hangs from the ceiling at 84 ©Bloomberg/Getty Images

Inside are artifacts from Hashimoto’s time with Nintendo, as well as items he’s collected over the years and autographs from video game creators including Shigeki Morimoto, one of the Pokemon franchise creators and one of the cafe’s regulars, according to the Japan Times. The newspaper reports that some of the items on display are so unique that you won’t find them anywhere else in the world.

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Autographs signed on a bathroom wall inside 84 ©Bloomberg/Getty Images

Hashimoto opened his diner in 2015 as a place for his friends to play board games, eat and drink, and discuss video game ideas. When the diner closed during the pandemic it gave Hashimoto the chance to reimagine its future as a homely space that’s open to the public, with low prices to keep 84 accessible to all.

The address is only revealed to those who make a reservation but they’re kindly asked to keep that top-secret information to themselves so that others can join in the fun of finding the mysterious 84. To make a reservation, visit the website here.

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