“Con Ojos de Mujer”: A new Suncruise forum in Cadiz highlights women’s vision for blue tourism

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The annual event “With Women’s Eyes. The Vision of Blue Tourism” held a new edition, in this case in the city of Cadiz, where leading professionals in the tourism and port sector met to discuss the relevance of women in these areas of great economic and social importance.

During the institutional inauguration, participants included Teófila Martínez Saiz, President of the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority; Rafael Carmona Ruiz, President of Suncruise Andalusia and the Port Authority of Seville; Beatriz Gandullo Sosa, Councilwoman of Tourism of the City Council of Cadiz; and Mercedes Colombo Roquette, representative of the Government Delegation in Cadiz of the Andalusian Government.

Teófila Martínez Saiz, President of the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority, highlighted the relevance of forums such as the one held in Cadiz to enhance the visibility and role of women in sectors traditionally dominated by men, such as tourism and cruises. Martínez Saiz remarked the importance of these meetings to inspire and motivate young women who are in formative stages and cannot yet imagine their future in these fields. She stressed that the onus is on experienced professionals to guide and demonstrate that it is possible to achieve a high level of quality and leadership in these fields.

In addition, the president called for changing the perception of tourism from being a precarious labor sector to recognizing it as a vital industry that boosts the basic economy and increases consumption. She emphasized that women must play a crucial role in this change, not only by increasing the quality of services offered but also in the management of the sector, which in turn will contribute significantly to job and wealth creation. She urged to leave behind clichés about the role of women in society and to work for a language and practices that reflect their true influence and capacity in all professions, stressing that it is fundamental for the advancement of society that women are seen and valued through a perspective that recognizes and celebrates their contribution.

Beatriz Gandullo Sosa, Councilor of Tourism of the City Council of Cadiz, expressed her gratitude towards the Port Authority and highlighted how Cadiz is consolidating as a reference in the blue tourism sector, recognizing the joint efforts of different administrations to promote a sustainable and accessible tourism model. During his speech at the forum, he highlighted the importance of the tourism and blue economy sectors, which not only offer employment opportunities and professional development but are also crucial for the economic and sustainable future of the city. Gandullo Sosa emphasized the creation of a specific Blue Economy department in this legislature, showing the local government’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

In addition, the councilor emphasized the importance of female inclusion in these sectors, celebrating the central role that women are beginning to play in the blue economy. She acknowledged that the forum is an excellent platform to listen to and learn from the experiences of women leaders and experts, thus contributing to the visibility and advancement of women in leadership roles within the industry. This approach not only benefits the city of Cadiz, but also empowers the province and offers new opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the region. Beatriz Gandullo concluded by highlighting her pride in participating in a movement that places Cadiz at the forefront of blue and cruise tourism, aspiring for the city to become a crucial home port for the sector.

Mercedes Colombo Roquette, representative of the Government Delegation in Cadiz of the Andalusian Government, expressed her enthusiasm and gratitude for participating in the forum “With Women’s Eyes. The Vision of Blue Tourism”. She highlighted the significant impact of women in the tourism and cruise industry, not only in operational roles but also in the decision-making that shapes the industry. Colombo Roquette underscored the need for adequate female representation in all spheres of activity, emphasizing that the world improves when the female perspective is included, particularly in crucial sectors such as blue tourism and marine conservation, where women play a central role.

She also highlighted the Andalusian Government’s commitment to promoting gender equality and female empowerment in all areas, including education and the labor market. Mercedes affirmed that Andalusian women are increasingly present in universities and assuming leadership positions that were previously inaccessible to them, contributing significantly to regional development. The delegate also called on all forum participants to continue working and demonstrating the innovative and creative capacity of women in the industry, assuring that the gender approach in decision-making is essential for the socioeconomic progress of Andalusia and the blue tourism industry.

Rafael Carmona Ruiz, president of Suncruise Andalucía and the Port Authority of Seville, began his speech by expressing his joy at being in Cadiz and highlighted the importance of the city as a reference point in cruise tourism. He underlined the role of Andalusia as a leader in this sector, citing the collaboration between the seven ports of general interest of the state in the region and the integration with the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla. Carmona Ruiz emphasized the impressive numbers of cruise passengers and cruise ships that Andalusia attracts each year, contributing significantly to the regional Gross Domestic Product, and alluded to the recent success of events such as the Third International Cruise Tourism Congress, CITCA, which was also held in Cadiz.

In addition, Carmona addressed the importance of adopting a diversity and feminization approach in management, reflecting her belief in the effectiveness of female leadership in business management. She stressed that the inclusion of different perspectives and effective time management are essential for success in any industry, including cruise tourism. She emphasized the need to look at the industry from new angles and the importance of incorporating a softer and more balanced approach to management, which is crucial for sustainable development and taking advantage of business opportunities in the blue economy.”

Subsequently, the round table “Navegando en Azul”, moderated by Javier Benítez Zúñiga, Territorial Director RTVA Cadiz, highlighted the contributions of Alicia García Vaquero, CEO & Founder of Cruceros a tu medida; Montse Alonso, General Manager of Calypso Tours Group; Marta Garat, Manager of Novojet; and María González Moraleda, Captain of Balearia’s Passio Per Formentera. The speakers discussed the impact and perspectives of women in the nautical and cruise industry.

In addition, the second round table entitled “Marine specialization: business opportunity and female employment” was moderated by Esther Molina Crespo, Manager of Suncruise Andalucía. In it, Aruka Fernández, Head of suspended cargo maneuvering and transport of Navantia; Genoveva Ardana Aragón, Maritime Safety Inspector of the Directorate General of Merchant Marine, Capitanía Marítima de Cádiz; and Maribel Grau, Commercial Manager of TTI Algeciras, shared their experiences and discussed the key training and employment opportunities for women in the marine industry.

The round tables and interventions highlighted the continuous need for spaces like these to dialogue, learn and promote gender equality in the industry. The day concluded with a call to action to continue working together towards a more inclusive and equitable future in blue tourism, as reflected in the final speech of the Mayor of Cadiz, Bruno García de León, who closed the day.

This event has strengthened female leadership and provided a platform to discuss successful strategies and challenges in the blue tourism sector, reaffirming Cadiz as an epicenter of debate and professional development.




The post “Con Ojos de Mujer”: A new Suncruise forum in Cadiz highlights women’s vision for blue tourism appeared first on Brand TD.


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