Enjoy live “ICC Cricket World Cup 2023” with Skyscanner tools

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Cricket holds a cherished spot in the hearts of Indians, uniting them across diverse cultural backgrounds. In fact, according to Skyscanner’s ‘Travel in Focus 2023 Report’, around 75% Indians expressed their willingness to increase their travel budget to experience live cricket matches.

As India hosts the grand event and the thrilling countdown to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 continues, excitement has reached its zenith! If you’re a die-hard fan planning to witness the excitement of live matches, we understand that sticking to a budget is essential. And guess what? We are here to help you in your quest for incredible flight deals and discover ways to support Team India passionately without breaking the bank.

Catch the best deal
Finding great flight deals always feels good, but it’s not all down to good luck. Most airlines price their flights dynamically, so prices can change from day to day or even hour to hour. Airlines look at affordability, demand, availability, and lots of other factors when pricing their flights. But there is a pattern to it. Skyscanner’s data experts have found that flight tickets tend to follow a weekly cycle. Prices are usually lower earlier in the week.

Setting up price alerts on Skyscanner will ensure you’re the first to know as prices drop with any additional discounts or added supply. You can mark a flight you’re interested in, and you’ll be notified whenever the price goes up or down.

Skyscanner’s Price Alert tool



Score Big Savings
For even greater savings, consider being flexible with your travel dates. Select ‘Whole month‘ on the search calendar. We’ll show you the cheapest prices for that route and month found within the last four days. By extending your stay in a particular city, you’ll even have the opportunity to delve into the city’s  culture, heritage, and food.

Skyscanner’s Whole Month Search tool



Mix and match airlines, don’t play on the back foot
Unlock travel freedom and save big by mixing and matching airlines. Don’t limit yourself to one airline when you can explore a wide range of options and find the best deals for your journey. With Skyscanner’s user-friendly platform, you can easily compare flight options and choose airlines that can cut costs and save money for your journey.


Find an airport near you
Nearest airport will capture any cheaper deals if you’re willing to drive a little bit further than your closest airport.

Here are a few interesting matches that you can watch live with your friends and family along with their respective airfares so that you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Airfares from Delhi
Airfares from Mumbai

5th Oct
England VS New Zealand
INR 5,119
INR 5,986

8th Oct
India VS Australia
INR 13,808
INR 13,053

11th Oct
India VS Afghanistan

INR 7,785

12th Oct
Pakistan VS Sri Lanka
INR 8,926
INR 6,264

13th Oct
Australia VS South Africa
INR 5,628
INR 6,206

15th Oct
India VS Pakistan
INR 12,553
INR 11,581

19th Oct
India VS Bangladesh
INR 8,641
Hit the road and savour the scenic views as you drive down from Mumbai to Pune!

20th Oct
Australia VS Pakistan
INR 12,277
INR 5,563

21st Oct
England VS South Africa
INR 9,484

27th Oct
Pakistan VS South Africa
INR 11,495
INR 10,443

29th Oct
India VS England
INR 6,886
INR 12,615

2nd Nov
India VS Sri Lanka
INR 11,235

4th Nov
England VS Australia
INR 10,013
INR 6,550

4th Nov
New Zealand VS Pakistan
INR 13,244
INR 7,651

5th Nov
India VS South Africa
INR 16,712
INR 18,217

11th Nov
India VS Netherlands
INR 12,928
INR 7,646

12th Nov
England VS Pakistan
INR 15,248
INR 19,209

16th Nov
INR 17,571
INR 17,050

19th Nov
World Cup Finals
INR 17,997
INR 9,443

Follow these pitch-perfect planning tips, and you’ll be able to make unforgettable memories without compromising on your budget. Let the games begin!



The post Enjoy live “ICC Cricket World Cup 2023” with Skyscanner tools appeared first on Travel Daily.

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