Gulf Air introduces “Choose Your Cuisine” service

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Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, unveils its “Choose Your Cuisine” service for Falcon Gold business class passengers on long-haul flights.

Passengers can now choose their preferred meals from a special curated menu, viewable in advance, through the Gulf Air website and mobile application. This new service offers passengers greater flexibility and personalization, allowing them to – choose their preferred meal in advance of their flight anytime from six months to 24 hours before departure. The inflight standard menu will remain available for passengers who prefer to make their choice on board the flight.

The “Choose Your Cuisine” menu features 10 dishes, including breakfast and main course options, all meticulously crafted by Gulf Air’s culinary team. By pre-selecting their preferred cuisine, passengers are assured of their desired meal choice, eliminating in-flight menu decisions, and streamlining the overall onboard experience. This service is initially available on flights departing from Bahrain, with a progressive rollout planned for flights departing from other destinations.

Gulf Air Group Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Goh, commented, “The introduction of our “Choose Your Cuisine” service marks another step forward in Gulf Air’s commitment to providing innovative and diverse products and services that cater to our passengers’ evolving preferences, and elevating our customer’s experience. Our premium passengers can now enjoy a more personalized and efficient inflight dining experience.”




The post Gulf Air introduces “Choose Your Cuisine” service appeared first on Travel Daily Media.


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