Havila Pollux completes the fleet of Havila Voyages

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The crew on board Havila Polaris greets Havila Pollux as she arrives in Vågen, Bergen

Early Thursday morning, Havila Pollux arrived in Norway from the Tersan shipyard in Turkey, completing the fleet of Havila Voyages. A few hours later she docked behind her sister ship, Havila Polaris.

Just over a day after her sister ship Havila Polaris, Havila Pollux docked in Bergen early Thursday morning. The ship will remain at Festningskaien in Bergen until August 23rd when she is set to start in route along the Norwegian coast.

“Naturally, this is a new milestone for our company, and it’s very satisfying that we now have all our four vessels in Norway,” says CEO Bent Martini.

“It is wonderful to see our two latest vessels side by side here in Bergen, and crews from both ships along with many resources from our onshore organization are fully engaged in preparing them for operation along the coast”.

Havila Pollux is nearly identical to her sister ships, and she will ensure that the historical coastal route is complete starting in route from August 23rd.

“The Ministry of Transport, our contracting authority, has fortunately supported us throughout a complex process and demonstrated great understanding of the challenges we’ve faced, which unfortunately resulted in significant delays. We are grateful for that support,” says Martini.

“We also have to thank everyone who has cheered us on and shown incredible patience and, most importantly, understanding that our challenges have been beyond our control. Now that we are complete, the real work begins – we are going to deliver a fantastic product along the coast, for the coastal communities and all our guests,” Martini concludes.


The post Havila Pollux completes the fleet of Havila Voyages appeared first on Travel Daily.

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