Hong Kong’s 2024 event hot list

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From world-class events to seasonal celebrations, Hong Kong’s year-round event calendar is unmatched. The city is a cultural hub brimming with art, gastronomy and sports – a perfect match for every type of traveller. Discover five unmissable events on Hong Kong’s 2024 event hot list below.

Art Basel Hong Kong  

Hong Kong’ vibrant art scene is unlike anywhere else in the world. Every year the city hosts the annual Hong Kong Arts Month in March, in which the city becomes the art hub of Asia. The largest international art fair in Hong Kong and the crown jewel of the month-long celebrations, Art Basel Hong Kong, features premier galleries from across Asia and beyond. Art Basel Hong Kong offers visitors an in-depth overview of Asia Pacific’s diversity through modern and contemporary works by established and emerging artists.

Dates: 28th – 30th March 2024

Hong Kong Sevens

Taking place in April at the Hong Kong Sevens is one of the most popular sporting events in Asia. The world’s best rugby sevens teams head to Hong Kong to compete in front of over 120,000 fans and over three days. This year’s event will be extra special as it marks the final time the tournament will be held at the Hong Kong Stadium, before moving to its new home at the Kai Tak Sports Park in 2025. Whether travellers want to support their favourite teams or to simply experience the legendary magic at Hong Kong Stadium one last time, the event should be in every sport-loving traveller’s diary.
Dates: 5th – 7th April 2024


Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday which occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar. A public holiday in Hong Kong, locals gather each year to honour the life and legacy of the ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan. One of the most popular activities during the Dragon Boat Festival is dragon boat racing, where teams compete in colourful, decorative boats on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. Eating zongzi, also known as sticky rice dumplings, is also a significant part of the Dragon Boat Festival. Zongzi are tasty rice dumplings made out of sticky or glutinous rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves to form a pyramid shape that is tied with plant stems.
Dates: 10th June 2024


Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 

Set against the breathtaking Victoria Harbour skyline, the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival is an annual celebration which offers a sensational outdoor wine and dine experience. Wineries and brewers from around the world bring a vibrant selection of liquor assortments, while local culinary masters serve up their delectable creations and signature dishes. Visitors can enjoy captivating live entertainment on stage whilst sipping on a glass of vino.
Dates: End-October 2024

Hong Kong Cyclothon

The Hong Kong Cyclothon is Hong Kong’s greatest international cycling event, attracting thousands of participants from all around the world to race through the city’s streets and roads. The path which features roads and thoroughfares available only to cyclists, provides outstanding views of Hong Kong’s city skyline and natural scenery. Visitors travel from all over the world to take part or spectate and enjoy the atmosphere. Travellers have many opportunities to see the excitement at the starting line in the city as well as the exhausted yet radiant faces of the finishers.
Dates: October 2024

New Year Countdown Celebrations

As the world anticipates the arrival of 2025, all eyes will turn to Hong Kong. Every New Year’s Eve, Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour becomes the centre of the city’s attention when it hosts the New Year Countdown Celebrations. A multimedia light and sound show is synchronised with pyrotechnics set off from the rooftops of prime buildings on Hong Kong Island, lighting up the skies and the harbour. The sensational live show will begin at midnight and symbolise the beginning of a new year brimming with hope and opportunity. The show takes a different meaningful theme each year, giving both locals and visitors something to look forward to.






The post Hong Kong’s 2024 event hot list appeared first on Brand TD.


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