Luxeglamp unveils celestial-themed Glamping experience at Kodaikanal

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Luxeglamp EcoResorts, that pioneered India’s first luxury glamping project, has taken another pioneering step by introducing the “Luxeglamp Celestial Glamp” an enchanting new celestial-themed glamping experience at Luxeglamp Kodaikanal.

Set amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature in Kodaikanal, the specialty of the Celestial Glamp is that the entire Glamp is based on a Celestial-Theme inside and outside the dome. While inside the dome guests will experience ethereal blinking stars and the moon, outside the dome guests can gaze at the starry night through a specially imported telescope amidst a starry backdrop.  

 Antony Thomas, CEO & Founder of Luxeglamp EcoResorts commented “We wanted to further enhance the guest’s experience and Luxeglamp’s celestial-themed glamping presents a captivating voyage into the wonders of the universe, which can be experienced lying on your own bed, ignite a sense of enchantment.

Luxeglamp’s celestial-themed glamping offers a unique opportunity to bask in the ethereal beauty of the universe while surrounded by nature’s splendor. Guests can indulge in starry wallpapers that twinkle like the night sky, moon-shaped lighting fixtures that bathe the surroundings in a soft glow, and constellation-inspired artwork that transports them to galaxies far beyond.

The celestial theme evokes feelings of tranquillity and serenity as guests contemplate the infinite beauty and vastness of the universe. Nestled within lush landscapes and picturesque vistas, Luxeglamp’s celestial glamps provide a magical escape from the everyday.

Stargazing on clear nights, surrounded by celestial-inspired artwork, guests will find themselves forming profound connections with the universe. The celestial-themed glamping experience embraces the wonders of the cosmos, stirring a sense of wonderment and inspiring dreams beyond the stars.

We will be introducing similar themes to enhance the guests experience even at our Bubble glamps at Munnar giving guests “that something more”.  further continued Thomas.Luxeglamp plans to add another five resorts across India and internationally in the coming two years.





The post Luxeglamp unveils celestial-themed Glamping experience at Kodaikanal appeared first on Travel Daily.

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