Managing Travel Credit Cards easily

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Travel Rewards are exclusive deals that airlines and hotels offer on select credit cards as perks. Though, getting these jaw-dropping offers isn’t always easy. They’re usually given to experienced users who’ve built up credit points through a series of purchases and proven their creditworthiness.

How do you get to that point? By starting early. Not only does this get you a headstart on your finance journey, but also helps you check things off your bucket list! Use your credit card smartly and opt for a combination of cards to maximise your holidays ensuring it doesn’t hurt your pocket at all. Here’s the lowdown on how you can do this and travel the world while you’re still young:

Find the perfect match

The abundance of travel credit card rewards make finding “the one” all the more crucial. Co-branded credit cards are the most suitable match in such cases. They bring to you the best of both worlds- security from the bank and credibility of the flight/hotel brand. These pave the way for great benefits like:-

Complimentary premium tickets
Holiday vouchers as joining benefits
Complimentary domestic and international lounge access
Hotel vouchers for stays in 5-star hotels, resorts and so much more!

Making travel luxurious, yet affordable, co-branded credit cards can be your perfect match.

Discover buried treasure

Imagine trading your travel rewards for a ticket to Santorini – a true treasure. Converting your reward points into air miles and hotel bookings can feel like a truly euphoric journey. As you go about your daily spending, these points add up, and you can transform them into tangible tickets. CRED can be your best friend here with its plethora of rewards, and you can have your bank can help navigate through this transfer and smoothen the process of selecting the most viable proposition for you.

Right place, Right time, Right pick 

Think back to our school days when we did ‘match the column’ – well, now you can apply that clever tactic to your spending with credit cards. Just like using the right tool for the right task, use the right credit cards for the right parts of your trip. This can bring you the most benefits while keeping your credit utilisation in check.

Feeling worried about juggling multiple cards? Don’t be. Thanks to platforms like CRED, it’s a breeze. With its smart tools, you can effortlessly keep track of your rewards, know when they expire, manage all your expenses, and much more – all in one place. It’s like having your travel and expense headquarters under a single roof.

Pleasant surprises only!

Exploring the world is the ultimate escape. The last thing you want is unexpected fees eating into your travel budget. Here’s how to keep your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your pocket. The transaction fee for credit cards in foreign countries ranges anywhere from between 1%-3%. Avoid these by choosing credit cards that have your back – the ones without foreign transaction fees. Smart tools on platforms help identify transaction fees and stay away from any unpleasant surprises on your journey to fun-ville.

The best travel buddy? Your phone. 

Close out the hundred tabs you have open. Put down your planners and upgrade to smarter travel. Various platforms in the market have started offering curated travel options for an unforgettable journey. From luxurious accommodations, unique activities to hygiene security checks, CRED escapes redefines travel.

Be all in – meet new people, explore new horizons, deep dive into crystal clear waters, and embark on the road not taken. As a traveller, soak in the depths of your travel escapes and find solace- the creditworthy way.




The post Managing Travel Credit Cards easily appeared first on Travel Daily.

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