Marriott International: Leading the Way in Sustainable Travel and Event Planning

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At AIME 2024, Marriott International’s recent Travel Trends forecast has provided a comprehensive look at how event planning, business travel, and priorities are expected to evolve in the coming year. Sustainability is at the forefront of all 47 hotels in the APAC region, focusing on using sustainably sourced food and materials and locally sourced produce.

A survey conducted by Marriott revealed that 60% of respondents are eager to explore local culinary experiences and immerse themselves in regional flavours. 57% want to discover local cuisine and fruit specialties during their travels. Corporate social responsibility experiences that give back to local communities were also highly favoured by respondents.

The report further revealed that sustainability remains paramount, with 77% of respondents wanting to visit environmentally friendly destinations that align with their core values.

Niraj Chata, the Multi-Property Vice President on the Pacific Island, notes a solid commitment to positively impacting society and the environment. “Clients are increasingly looking for sustainable initiatives when booking their events,” he said.

Marriott is proud to share some of the beautiful sustainability initiatives some of their resorts are currently offering as part of the Good Travel Programme. Leading the way is Sheraton Grand Mirage, Port Douglas, Australia’s very first eco-certified destination. Since opening in the 80s, the resort has invested in sustainable practices.

For example, the resort has harvested water from the ocean to protect the town’s fresh drinking water supply. They have continuously improved water and energy savings and waste management to reduce landfills. Recently, they purchased a food waste compost system that will save 54 tonnes of food waste annually.

The resort introduced the Earth Friendly Events Programme to inspire the meetings industry to support properties and venues committed to sustainable practices and contribute to conserving tropical North Queensland’s natural wonders.

The programme includes a range of initiatives across every event stage, from a sustainable plenary and responsibly sourced meeting break menus to zero-emission transport and carbon offsetting. A handy green meeting planning guide and checklist ensures your event takes action towards preserving the natural environment, promotes a healthy, inclusive society, and supports the economy of tropical North Queensland.

“Sustainable event planning doesn’t need to be complex or expensive. Often, the most simple and inexpensive initiatives are the most effective,” said the spokesperson from Marriott.

Marine conservation comes to life with Good Travel with Marriott Bonvoy. Guests at the resort are invited to join a local marine biologist for a citizen scientist activity, where they collect, sort, and catalogue marine debris. The findings are then input into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database, used by researchers to make a lasting impact on the Great Barrier Reef.

The resort has also replaced its passenger vehicles with an EV and installed six EV charging stations for guests. They partner with a local transport operator with a fleet of zero-emission buses to minimise the impact of ground transport for group airport transport and tourism.

Sheraton Grand Mirage has partnered with the Reforest platform, allowing guests to share the earth-friendly actions taken through their engagement campaign. The online platform showcases the great earth-friendly work that events have done and lets attendees claim a share of their impact. It’s as simple as an event organiser placing their QR codes at the event.

The number of Earth-friendly initiatives at the resort is extensive, including on-site water harvesting, a new on-site composting program, and more.

Marriott International has four unique resorts in the Pacific, including the award-winning Fiji Resort Momi Bay, which offers an immersive experience involving mangrove planting. This vital endeavour benefits the marine ecosystem and positively impacts the surrounding community. Guests are invited to actively engage in the Mangrove Conservation Initiative at Momi Bay, which involves a walk through the adjacent forest and hands-on participation in planting mangrove saplings.

Under the guidance of their sustainability manager and marine conservation expert, the resort also leads guests in hands-on activities in coral propagation and transplant, constructing fish houses made from coral structures, and planting mangrove saplings. Guests learn the importance of maintaining and protecting Fiji’s delicate marine ecosystem and help plant new growth.

The Sheraton Resort in Fiji takes pride in integrating sustainability into its operation by running a four-acre organic farm on the property. The farm grows over 15 types of fruit and vegetables. It provides 250 coconuts to the resort every week, reducing the hotel’s reliance on external suppliers and minimising the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

At a more local level, the Tasman in Hobart runs on 100% renewable energy and is proudly hydro-powered. This cultural commitment is embedded throughout Tasmania in the reuse of timbers and original materials in the hotel.

Marriott’s current meetings and events, called “Discoverable,” allow planners to enjoy double points, group and catering rewards, and much more. The current offer is for bookings made until 31 March for stays to 30 June. In April, Marriott will be launching a new regional offer. For more information, visit the Marriott Bonvoy Events website.

The post Marriott International: Leading the Way in Sustainable Travel and Event Planning appeared first on Brand TD.


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