Scotland’s adorable ‘coo cam’ is the distraction you need todayAndrea Smith

As international travel restrictions continue, Scotland has launched a video starring its adorable Highland cows to bring a flavor of the country to the world. It aims to bring a smile to those whose trips to the country have been canceled, while also inspiring future visits.

Highland cows are a favorite among visitors and locals and are ever-present on souvenirs, memorabilia and Insta posts from Scotland. This year, VisitScotland’s “Coo Cam” features cows from Kitchen Coos and Ewes in Dumfries and Galloway and Swanston Farm in Edinburgh. They were filmed throughout the month of November enjoying their day-to-day lives against the backdrop of Scotland’s scenery. New videos will be released on VisitScotland’s social media platforms throughout the year, featuring cows from across the country.

“While many countries, including Scotland, are in lockdown due to COVID-19 with travel restrictions in place, we want people to still be able to enjoy our country and what makes us unique through the virtual experiences you can still enjoy from the comfort of your own home,” says VisitScotland. “From using a tree as a scratch post, making their moos heard and having a good nosey at the camera, the Coo Cam provides an access all areas perspective to life on the farm.”

A cow ooking into the camera on Swanston Farm in Scotland
The cows from Swanston Farm in Edinburgh are curious © VisitScotland

According to the organization, the cows are hardy creatures, standing tall against the harshest weather conditions. The footage was captured by experienced professionals who care for and look after Highland cattle daily and are aware of their behavior and temperaments. Visitors are advised not to approach them when exploring Scotland but to admire them from afar instead. For those who would like to get to know them, there are also companies across the country offering visitor experiences, including farm stays, buggy tours and afternoon tea. Further information is available on VisitScotland’s website here, and details about farm stays and experiences in Scotland can be found on Go Rural Scotland here.

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