Ser Casasandra introduces a new experiential retreat: “Awakening the Heart”

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In a journey guided by Carlos Cámara Menéndez – an expert in neuro-wellbeing – and Sandra Pérez – a therapist and lecturer on non-duality, guests of the retreat will experience an immersive spiritual program designed for self-reflection. 

Ser Casasandra, the boutique design hotel nestled in the serene atmosphere of Holbox island in Mexico, announces its well-being retreat “Awakening The Heart” from the 13th to 16th of June 2024, for luxury travellers seeking a new perception of the world. Guided by specialists in the field: expert in neuro-wellbeing Carlos Cámara Menéndez, and the therapist and lecturer on non-duality, Sandra Pérez, the program brings a space of self-reflection and overcoming barriers that might hinder the experience of love within relationships and finding healing.

Sandra Pérez, CEO of Ser Casasandra comments: “We are delighted to welcome guests throughout this transformative journey and guide them along a path of healing and reconciliation, infused with love. At Ser Casasandra, we invite guests to reclaim inner peace, change their perspective on the world, discover their true worth, and intrinsic power, and choose a life filled with value and peace.”

Within the tranquil confines of Ser Casasandra’s property lies the AHAL Centre – a sanctuary dedicated to holistic healing and rejuvenation. Inspired by the wisdom of the Mayans, AHAL represents the awakening of the soul and the realization of infinite potential. As the first of its kind on Holbox Island, the centre offers a diverse array of healing modalities, including osteopathy, restorative physiotherapy, meditation, yoga, sound healing, Synchrodynamics, massages, traditional Mayan cleansing rituals, and many more.

The new retreat, “Awakening The Heart” offers an experiential-spiritual journey for individuals to delve into self-awareness. The program spans four days and provides participants with the chance to realize that genuine transformation lies in altering perception. Through this process, attendees undergo a shift in their worldview, enabling them to reconnect with their authentic selves and embrace a reality characterized by love.

At the core of the retreat stands the collaboration of professionals in the field – Carlos Cámara Menéndez, an expert in neuro-wellbeing with over a decade of experience in alternative medicine and Sandra Pérez, therapist and lecturer on non-duality.

Carlos Cámara Menéndez comments: “I am looking forward to sharing this unique experience with Ser Casasandra’s guests who will join us in our retreat and guide them to find a new shift in their perception of the world, bringing them closer to the stillness within themselves.”

From left to right: Carlos Cámara Menéndez, an expert in neuro-wellbeing and Sandra Pérez, a therapist and lecturer on non-duality.

During the retreat, guests have the opportunity to connect with their authentic selves and shift their outlook on the world through thoughtfully selected activities:

·  Guided Meditations: Led sessions to help participants relax, focus, and explore their inner experiences.

·  Morphic fields: Memory banks discovery that shape patterns and behaviours, through discussion and exercises.

·  Self-care exercises: Activities aimed at promoting self-nurturing and well-being, including practices such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and stress reduction exercises.

·  Trauma Release Exercises (TRE): Psychotherapeutic techniques from the Course in Miracles (ACIM) to facilitate the release of trauma and emotional blockages.

·  Release of Mental Contents: Processes designed to identify, acknowledge, and release negative emotions, limiting beliefs, habitual patterns, judgments, and mental constructs.

·  Collective Bioenergetic Therapy Spiritual Kinesiology Exercises: Group exercises combining bioenergetic techniques and spiritual kinesiology to address physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances.

·  Talks on True Forgiveness: Discussions aimed at deepening understanding of true forgiveness as a transformative practice and elevating consciousness.

·  Self-Inquiry Spaces: Opportunities for introspection and exploration of personal beliefs, values, and experiences in a supportive environment.

·  Art Therapy: Exercises using emotions, fostering creativity, and promoting self-discovery and healing.

·  Sound Healing: Sessions using sound frequencies, such as music, chanting, or singing bowls, to promote relaxation, balance energy, and facilitate emotional release and healing.





The post Ser Casasandra introduces a new experiential retreat: “Awakening the Heart” appeared first on Brand TD.


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