Sri Lanka’s luxury DMC Serendipity targets Super Niche Segment in Indian Tourism Market

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Serendipity, Sri Lanka’s luxury Destination Management Company (DMC) specializing in hosting best-in-class tailored experiences throughout the island destination, has announced its strategic focus on targeting the super niche segment of the Indian tourism market. With a focus on the growing Indian outbound travel market, Serendipity aims to tap into the growing demand for high-end, personalized travel experiences among Indian travellers.

India has consistently ranked among the top five leading primary markets for Sri Lanka’s inbound tourism, making it an attractive prospect for tourism-related businesses. In 2023 alone, India contributed to over 300,000 tourist arrivals, marking a noteworthy uptick in the overall growth of the tourism sector. Recent statistics further underscore this trend, with approximately 30,000 Indian travellers visiting Sri Lanka in March alone. Notably, the first quarter of 2024 witnessed an influx of around 96,000 Indian tourists to Sri Lanka, indicative of a steady rise in Indian outbound travel.

The proximity of Sri Lanka to India, coupled with short flight durations and hassle-free visa services, positions the island nation as an appealing destination for Indian travellers seeking short-haul luxury vacations. Serendipity recognizes this unique advantage and is poised to capitalize on it by offering curated experiences tailored to meet the diverse preferences of luxury-seeking Indian travellers.

Commenting on the strategy, Shaleen Shanthikumar, Director, Serendipity Experience said, “India represents a lucrative market for luxury travel experiences, and we are excited to announce our targeted approach towards catering to the super niche segment of Indian travellers. By focusing on delivering unmatched luxury, exclusivity, and tailored services, we aim to redefine the travel experiences of Indian tourists visiting Sri Lanka.”

Serendipity is poised to elevate travel experiences beyond conventional offerings, with an emphasis on crafting long-lasting memorable journeys. With the recent trends indicating steady growth in tourist arrival from India to Sri Lanka, Serendipity has an optimistic outlook on the potential for revenue growth and market expansion.

Serendipity is popular for its expertise in hosting memorable travel trails throughout Sri Lanka while offering luxury and personalization at every touchpoint. With a well-planned itinerary that explores secluded beaches to provide travellers with immersive cultural encounters, the Serendipity Experiences is a suite of bespoke adventures tailored to the unique preferences of each traveller.

With the Serendipity Collections, guests are spoiled with luxurious services and offerings in handpicked luxury villas designed by acclaimed architects and hosted by individuals dedicated to providing exceptional hospitality. Sail Lanka – Serendipity’s Luxury Cruise service offers an incomparable luxury cruising experience, showcasing extravagant luxury vessels, flawless service, and treasured coastal views.



The post Sri Lanka’s luxury DMC Serendipity targets Super Niche Segment in Indian Tourism Market appeared first on Brand TD.


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