TAG signs exclusive partnership deal with SANZAAR

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The Appointment Group, Pty LTD (known as TAG) and SANZAAR Pty Limited announced that the companies have entered a strategic and corporate partnership that will result in successful travel management across the world of sport. 

The agreement brings together international rugby and travel operations. TAG is an award-winning travel management company and SANZAAR runs the flagship international rugby tournaments of the Southern Hemisphere, including Super Rugby Pacific and The Rugby Championship.

This strategic move steps into a new genre for TAG. The company has previously perfected group movements and multi-itinerary entertainment travel in both touring and production. With this niche expertise, sport naturally fits into TAG’s DNA to confidently manage the complexities that are involved when supporting the group movements of sport. 

“We proudly welcome SANZAAR into the esteemed TAG family. This union represents the fusion of two remarkable brands, poised to introduce unparalleled benchmarks of service for SANZAAR,” said Shane Barr, Managing Director of TAG APAC. “Through this collaboration, we are excited to immerse SANZAAR in TAG’s distinctive high-touch travel encounter, establishing a profound partnership between a premier travel management company and the driving force behind the Southern Hemisphere’s international rugby competitions.”

This convergence represents the synergy between a sporting powerhouse and a travel management trailblazer, setting the stage for an extraordinary voyage ahead. SANZAAR CEO, Brendan Morris said, “SANZAAR made a tactical decision three years ago to take ownership of the management of its domestic and international travel program and are excited by the new strategic partnership with a global travel leader like TAG to power its operations.

SANZAAR tournaments span the Southern Hemisphere across South America, South Africa and the Pacific region. Travel planning and logistics are therefore crucial to successfully manage the complexity and unique challenges of running international cross-border sporting competitions such as Super Rugby Pacific and The Rugby Championship.

SANZAAR is delighted to welcome TAG aboard as its new travel management partner. We look forward to working with TAG, ensuring the continued world class delivery of our competitions.” The significant partnership between TAG and SANZAAR will change the course of the future of travel logistics in the world of sport.



The post TAG signs exclusive partnership deal with SANZAAR appeared first on Travel Daily.

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