Te Pae Christchurch achieves Toitū Net Carbon Zero Status

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Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre has been recognised as Toitū net carbon zero certified, reflecting the organisation’s ongoing commitment to leading the industry in world-class sustainable operations. 

Te Pae Christchurch has met Toitū Envirocare’s internationally recognised criteria for monitoring, controlling, and lowering lifecycle emissions after almost two years of operation. Te Pae Christchurch has implemented a wide range of sustainable solutions across its operations, from building design and renewable energy use to food waste recovery and reuse and constructing a chemical-free e-water system.

The Toitū nett carbonzero programme triumph follows Te Pae Christchurch’s win in the 2023 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards (Community and Government Projects category) late last year. The awards celebrate outstanding contributions, accomplishments, innovation, and best practices in sustainable and responsible tourism.

According to Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre General Manager Ross Steele, achieving nett carbon zero operations strengthens the organisation’s commitment to becoming an industry sustainability leader.

“We’re exceptionally proud of what we’ve achieved in a short time,” says Ross Steele. “The Toitū net carbon zero certification, in addition to the international recognition we have received, reflects our entire team’s commitment and hard work. Many of our sustainability initiatives are led by the Te Pae Christchurch team’s younger generation, underscoring our commitment to creating a positive long-term impact and a lasting sustainability legacy.”

Another critical component in reducing emissions is our local purchasing policy, which prioritises purchasing from local businesses (now 85%). The freight analysis on purchased goods as part of our emissions estimates revealed that it was less than 1% of our overall emissions, a significant result.

Steele says Te Pae’s sustainability journey has been a critical priority for the organisation, even as it handles unprecedented levels of activity and interest.

“We’ve been serious about sustainability since we first began planning at Te Pae Christchurch,” Mr Steele said. “Being able to reach these goals at such a hectic season reflects the importance we place on each stage of our sustainable journey. Toitū Envirocare, Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading environmental project, has been crucial in achieving this through its science-led approach and assistance.

Te Pae Christchurch’s next step in developing an environmental excellence culture is to identify methods to assist partners and clients in meeting their sustainability objectives.

“We want to bring our clients and suppliers along with us on this journey, working with them to minimise the environmental impact of every event we hold and through every stage of each activity.”

“As the last couple of years have demonstrated, people still want to meet face-to-face, share knowledge and experience first-hand what this amazing region has to offer,” said  Steele. “It is up to us, as leaders in the event industry, to constantly monitor and measure, to innovate and to demonstrate best practice so that they can have that experience in the most sustainable way possible.”

“In that way, we’ll enable our city and region to enjoy the significant benefits of a vibrant conference and events industry while ensuring we leave our environment and community in a better place for the future.”

The post Te Pae Christchurch achieves Toitū Net Carbon Zero Status appeared first on Brand TD.


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