Thailand Tourism UPDATE: September 2023

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Collaboration between Thai Prime Minister the Travel Industry and Airlines Set to Transform Tourism Sector

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s strategic collaboration with top officials aims to capitalise on the high season tourism surge. New initiatives to boost flight frequency, streamline visa policies, and enhance Thailand’s tourism appeal were discussed, with a focus on increasing flight frequency, making visa policies more efficient, and improving Thailand’s attractiveness as a tourism destination.
Thailand’s newly appointed PM, in a crucial meeting with tourism operators, addressed concerns while outlining strategies for industry growth.

Significant changes are being considered including the announcement contemplating extending tourist visa validities from 30 to 90 days, enhancing Thailand’s appeal for foreign tourists and facilitating seamless travel experiences. PM Thavisin emphasized streamlining immigration procedures to ensure convenience for incoming tourists.
He acknowledged security concerns about exempting entry visas for tourists from China, India, and Russia, highlighting the need to balance tourism promotion with national security.

The meeting also underscored the government’s dedication to promoting grassroots tourism. Discussions encompassed the possibility of revitalizing an old airport in Phang-nga to accommodate small commercial planes.

PM Thavisin also expressed commitment to empowering 3,000 communities with untapped potential, aligning with inclusive economic growth goals.

Anticipating the peak tourist season, Thavisin collaborated with airline CEOs, AoT, and CAAT representatives, aligning strategies to stimulate the economy.
Thavisin assured his commitment to fostering tourism across provinces irrespective of political affiliations, emphasizing dedication to building a prosperous sector.

Thailand Prime Minister Thavisin’s engagement with travel professionals signifies progress in revitalizing Thailand’s tourism. Proposed measures, including extended visas, streamlined immigration, and aviation collaboration, underscore the government’s commitment to growth and resilience. Amid recovery, these initiatives offer economic prosperity and exceptional experiences to visitors.

The post Thailand Tourism UPDATE: September 2023 appeared first on Travel Daily.

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