The Many Styles of Luggage

Like clothing, luggage comes in many styles, sizes, and shapes. Most styles of luggage now come equipped with wheels. There are wheeled
carry-on bags. Duffel bags also are equipped with wheels.

There are full sized garment bags with wheels. Travel bags, tote carry on bags, shoulder carry on bags, and travel totes also are available. There are expandable cargo bags as well. Expandable bags are usually smaller than is typical and expand when you pack your belongings.

Luggage also comes in sets of the same design and color. The material and frames are generally the same. Sets can include small carry on bags, travel kits, multiple sizes of upright luggage.

Leather luggage is also available. There are leather suit bags, garment bags, duffel bags and cabin bags. There are weekender bags and the old fashioned carpet bags.

Styles also include the design of the bags. There could be designs such as flowers, cartoon characters for kids, camouflage designs, or animals. Virtually any design is possible.

Color is also a consideration as is the type of material the bags are made of. There are soft, canvas types of materials as well as soft leather, polyester materials. There are hard materials that protect your belongings and stand up to the rough handling they can receive while being loaded or removed from planes, trains, and buses. The hard luggage is used mostly by frequent travelers because of their durability. The style you choose will depend on your needs and possibly your frequency of travel.

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