These are the most ‘Instagrammable’ Bridgerton Season 3 filming locations 

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With Season 3 of Bridgerton hitting the screen on Thursday, May 16th, a new study reveals where the Instagrammable filming locations are. Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire is the top spot, with 201,951 posts featuring its hashtag.

The study conducted by QR Code Generator, analysed Instagram data for the filming locations of the upcoming season of Bridgerton, to uncover which have been tagged the most on the platform by users.


Filming location
No. of posts featuring the hashtag

Blenheim Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Chiswick House

Old Royal Naval College

Wrest Park

Painshill Park

Luton Hoo Estate

Wilton House

Basildon Park

Holburne Museum


Blenheim Palace takes the crown as the most Instagrammable filming destination in Bridgerton Season 3, with an impressive 201,951 posts using the hashtag, #blenheimcastle. This Oxfordshire palace first appeared in Queen Charlotte as Buckingham House but will feature in Bridgerton for the first time this season.

Closely following in second place is Hampton Court Palace in Richmond, with 181,786 posts featuring the hashtag #hamptoncourtpalace. The Palace has been used as a filming location throughout Bridgerton, with the locations manager, Tony Hood, describing the Palace as ‘very square, very neat, very Regency’.

The third most Instagrammable Bridgerton filming location for Season 3 is Chiswick House in West London, with 45,633 posts using the hashtag #chiswickhouse. The spectacular house and gardens will feature in church and carriage shots in the new season.

The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich ranks fourth, with 25,510 posts featuring its hashtag (#oldroyalnavalcollege) on the social media platform. This World Heritage Site provides the setting for Mayfair Market and other shots during the Bridgerton story.

In fifth place is Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, with a total of 20,616 posts using its hashtag #wrestpark. Although already featuring in Bridgerton, Wrest Park will be the magnificent home to the Fuller family in Season 3.

Painshill Park in Surrey takes the sixth spot, with 20,002 posts using the hashtag #painshill park. While this filming location served as the backdrop for a Featherington family picnic, it will reappear in the new season where new character Lord Hawkins will attempt to prove that flight is possible with hot air balloons…

Following in seventh place is Luton Hoo Estate, with a total of 17,120 posts featuring its hashtag #lutonhoo. This stunning country estate appears throughout the show and for the upcoming season will provide the exterior of the printing press and Bridgerton family garden.

Wilton House is the eighth most Instagrammable spot in Bridgerton Season 3, with 13,568 posts on the platform. Located in Wiltshire, the country house has appeared plenty of times throughout Bridgerton. Golda Rosheuvel, who plays Queen Charlotte, has even said that Wilton is her favourite place to film and that “it feels like home”.

In ninth place is Basildon Park in Berkshire, with a total of 10,857 hashtagged posts on Instagram. The grand country house has previously appeared in Bridgerton as the Featherington’s family garden but will feature more in the upcoming season as the home of Lady Tilley Arnold – a brand-new character.

Completing the list is Holburne Museum in Bath, with 6,954 posts using its hashtag. Bath is an iconic location in Bridgerton, with the Royal Crescent featuring throughout the seasons in carriage drive-bys, Penelope’s window and the exteriors of Mayfair. The Holburne Museum is the setting of Lady Danbury’s house and is due to reprise its role in the new season.

Marc Porcar, CEO of QR Code Generator commented on the findings: “The incredible reception of the first two seasons of Bridgerton has led to fans eagerly anticipating Season 3. “Bridgerton showcases some of the country’s most beautiful historic buildings, which are clearly popular among tourists, those local to the spot, and fans of the show. This list of the most ‘Instagrammable’ destinations may inspire your next sight-seeing trip or help you discover where your favourite scenes are filmed in the show, with some being right on your doorstep perhaps.”



The post These are the most ‘Instagrammable’ Bridgerton Season 3 filming locations  appeared first on Travel Daily Media.


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