This Italian village will pay you €25k to help you renovate a €1 homeSasha Brady

The €1 house scheme is still going strong in Italy with new villages signing up all the time. The latest is Troina, a medieval Sicilian village where the local government help you with the costs of renovating your €1 home.

It’s hard not to be swayed by the offer of a €1 home in an idyllic Italian village. But they usually come with a mountain of added expenses. The entry point is €1 and the costs rack up pretty quickly after the homes are sold to the highest bidders able to commit to renovating the dilapidated properties. Troina in Sicily is doing things a little differently. It’s so keen to attract new residents that the local government is willing to help buyers with renovation costs once they settle in the underpopulated village.

Medieval village of Troina
Medieval village of Troina, Sicily. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Troina, like many in the €1 scheme, is under demographic pressure as people leave for big cities. Particularly in its medieval center as families move to more modern houses in the region. Now Mayor Sebastiano Fabio Venezia wants to restore the historic village to its former glory.

Troina was once the Normal capital of Sicily, and in 2019 it was officially named as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. It’s a village that’s noted for its openness and inclusivity, after recently launching an LGBTQ tourism campaign that promotes new forms of hospitality without discrimination. It’s also a great place for outdoor enthusiasts as it’s located in Nebrodi: Sicily’s largest national park and an area of outstanding natural beauty with forests, lakes, orange and olive groves and views of Mount Etna.

Castle ruins. Troina. Sicily. Italy
Castle ruins, Troina, Sicily, Italy© Universal Images Group/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that potential buyers are already eyeing up property in the area. “In recent months there have been many requests for the purchase of properties in our historic center from all over the world,” Venezia said in a statement, explaining that people have traveled from the US, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, Peru and more, with the intention of buying a house in Troina.

“Therefore, we have decided to develop a project that allows us to recover the many abandoned buildings, repopulating the ancient uninhabited neighborhoods and, at the same time, offering a possibility of refreshment to the economy and local workers, who will be involved in the works,” he added.

View of Mount Etna from Nebrodi National Park
Troina is in Nebrodi National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty with views of Mt Etna ©Getty Images/500px Plus

As the village prepares an auction of abandoned properties, Venezia has set up an online agency, HouseTroina, to help buyers with the move. Around 30 houses are due to go on auction for €1 by the end of January, with another 100 in the pipeline. Buyers must pay a €5000 refundable deposit, and commit to starting renovation work within two years. Troina will offer payments of up to €25,000 to help new homeowners with the project. And new residents won’t have to pay property and city service taxes for three years.

Church of St. Sylvester, Troina
Church of St. Sylvester, Troina ©Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you don’t have the means to commit to a major renovation project, Troina is also selling fully renovated properties with discounts of up to €8000. For more information and to view the properties on offer, see here.

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