Top 10 areas to retire in the UK

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A new study has uncovered the best places to spend retirement in, revealing that Pendle has reached the top spot.  Insurance experts at Howden Insurance have conducted an in-depth ranking of various area of the United Kingdom to uncover the best location to spend retirement. This rating was calculated using the following metrics: overall satisfaction rating, the typical cost of a home in each area, local crime rate, proximity to parks, and distance to essential facilities.













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#1 – Pendle

In first place, claiming the title of the best place to retire to, is Pendle with an overall rating of 80.93. The wellbeing of Pendle has been recorded 8.10, which is the highest wellbeing ranking out of the top 10. Pendle is a district in Lancashire, known for its picturesque landscapes and historical significance. It has also a 15-minute drive to get to key services like hospitals or doctors’ practices.

#2 – Hyndburn

Second place is Hyndburn with an overall rating of 70.80. Hyndburn is a borough in Lancashire, UK, encompassing towns like Accrington and Rishton. Known for its industrial heritage, it has diverse landscapes, including parks and moorland. The area features historical landmarks such as Accrington’s Haworth Art Gallery. Hyndburn has house prices at a low of £124,976, with a 16-minute drive to any key services.

#3 – Stoke-on-Trent

Being placed in third is Stoke-on-Trent with an overall rating of 67.95. Stoke-on-Trent claims the title of shortest distance to a park or green space, being 279.60 meters away on average. Rich in industrial heritage, it offers museums like the Gladstone Pottery Museum and the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, reflecting its cultural and artistic significance.

#4 – Newcastle-under-Lyme

In fourth place, with an overall rating of 67.33, is Newcastle – under – Lyme. Newcastle-under-Lyme is a historic market town in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Known for its picturesque town centre, it boasts a mix of medieval and Georgian architecture. Newcastle-under-Lyme has a crime rate of 78.36 per 1,000 people, and the average distance to a greenspace is 763.36 meters.

#5 – South Tyneside

Fifth place goes to South Tyneside with an overall rating of 66.79. South Tyneside, located in Tyne and Wear, is characterized by coastal beauty and industrial heritage. South Tyneside also has the lowest average time, out of the top 10, it takes to get to key services, at just 14.05 minutes. With towns like South Shields and Jarrow, it boasts historic sites like Arbeia Roman Fort and the iconic Tyne Pier.

#6 – Hastings

In sixth place is Hastings with an overall rating of 66.78. Home owners can expect a low price for a home to retire, with £261,075 as an average. Hastings, a coastal town in East Sussex, boasts a rich history and diverse attractions. Its medieval Old Town features narrow streets and the iconic Hastings Castle. Hastings has a well-being rating of 7.90.

#7 – Burnley 

Seventh place belongs to Burnley with an overall rating of 66.69. Burnley, located in Lancashire, is a historic market town surrounded by scenic countryside. Renowned for its industrial heritage, the town features Victorian architecture, including the iconic Turf Moor stadium. Out of the top 10, Burnley has the lowest house prices at £110,912.

#8 – Blackburn with Darwen

In eighth place is Blackburn with Darwen with an overall rating of 66.55. Blackburn with Darwen is a unitary authority area in Lancashire. Blackburn with Darwen also has the second lowest crime rate out of the top 10, with 87.73 per 1,000 people.The area is known for its diverse communities, parks like Witton Country Park, and landmarks such as Blackburn Cathedral.

#9 – Gateshead

Ninth place goes to Gateshead with an overall rating of 65.58. Gateshead, located in northeast England, is a vibrant town on the south bank of the River Tyne. The town has a well-being rating of 7.49. Known for its iconic Millennium Bridge, Sage Gateshead music centre, and the Angel of the North sculpture. Homes in the area are valued at £156,310.

#10 – Fylde

Completing the top ten is Fylde with an overall rating of 65.43. Fylde is a borough on the northwest coast of England, known for its picturesque landscapes. Flyde claims the lowest crime rate with 50.13 per 1,000 people.

A spokesperson for Howden Insurance commented that: ‘Pendle is undoubtedly a fantastic place to spend retirement. Its serene landscapes, friendly communities, and rich history create an ideal environment for relaxation and fulfilment. Whether strolling through historic villages or enjoying the tranquil countryside, Pendle offers a perfect blend of charm and tranquillity, making retirement truly enjoyable.’

‘As a result of the ongoing cost of living crisis, every possible expense has gone up. Thankfully, this study offers a valuable resource for those planning to retire in 2024, highlighting the areas of the UK that can offer people the best value for their money.’

This information was gathered by Howden Insurance, a people-first insurance company that aims to comprehend the particulars of the insurance requirements and connect clients with the most suitable insurer for that coverage at the most affordable cost.


This release has been created from a large range of data, taken from various sources including and NHS website. The data looks at the overall happiness rating, the average price of a house in the location, the crime rate in the area, distance from parks and distance from key services.




The post Top 10 areas to retire in the UK appeared first on Brand TD.


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