Travel to the Dominican Republic without a COVID-19 test or vaccineAndrea Smith

There’s a change in rules affecting those planning to travel to the Dominican Republic, as the Caribbean nation is lifting travel restrictions for incoming visitors.

This means that travelers don’t have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to be permitted entry, nor do they have to provide a negative PCR test upon arrival or undergo quarantine. Airports and other ports of entry will now perform a breath test to between 3 and 15% of arriving passengers, and will also administer it to those with virus symptoms. The latter will be put into quarantine, as will anyone who tests positive for the virus.

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Visitors to the Dominican Republic must complete an electronic entry and exit form in advance, which combines a traveler’s health affidavit, customs declaration and international embarkation/disembarkation forms. As part of its range of incentives to encourage travelers to visit, it is offering those arriving on commercial flights and staying at hotels a temporary, free health insurance plan that provides coverage in the event that the visitor contracts COVID-19.

Viral antigen and PCR testing is also being offered to international visitors staying at a selection of hotels, either free of charge or for a small administration fee. This will be convenient for those who require testing for the return leg of their trip, such as US citizens. 

Prospective travelers should note that until May 16, there is a curfew in place Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 5 am, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 pm to 5 am. There is free transit between the evening curfew and midnight to ensure tourists can  return to hotels. Hotel guests can move within their resort property after curfew, bu theey must stay within the property during the curfew hours. Further information is available from the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism’s website here. Travelers should always check the guidelines of their country or origin and destination before planning travel. 

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