Traveller wanderlust increases as travel fears nosedive 

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Traveller fears are dwindling at the same time many are hoping to plan trips to countries currently listed by the U.S. Department of State as Level 3 – Reconsider Travel. As the travel rebound continues, traveller worries are shifting dramatically, and their appetite for exploring the world is increasing,” said Dan Richards, CEO of The Global Rescue Companies. 

Traveller concerns about civil unrest and terrorism decreased by half in the last six months, withering from 14% to 7% since January 2023, according to the results of the summer 2023 Global Rescue Traveller Sentiment and Safety Survey. Apprehension about COVID exposure and infection while traveling has dramatically dropped at a rate of 88%, down to 4% compared to 33% in August 2022.  

Nearly half (48%) of the world’s most experienced travellers claim their greatest anxiety is having an injury or accident followed by trip cancellation (13%). Yet, despite that, travellers are increasingly interested in visiting new destinations outside of the traditional ones.  

Before the pandemic, people were more content with traditional tourist attractions. Viewing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre and taking a River Seine cruise in Paris, visiting India’s Taj Mahal, or soaking up the sun on the Guanabara Bay, Rio De Janeiro, during Carnival, were historically go-to vacation activities. But now, tourists have a growing enthusiasm for places beyond the traditional, some of which are risky. 

The U.S. Department of State issues a travel advisory for every country and rates them on a risk scale from 1 to 4. A country with a Level 4 designation carries a “Do Not Travel” advisory due to greater likelihood of life-threatening risks. A Level 1 travel advisory is the lowest level for safety and security and advises travellers to exercise normal precautions. Travelers going to countries with a Level 2 advisory are encouraged to exercise increased caution due to heightened risks to safety and security.  

The countries listed by U.S. officials as Level 3 are the destinations where government officials advise people to reconsider and avoid travel due to serious risks to safety and security. Among the list of 20 countries with a Level 3 travel advisory, Egypt, Colombia, China and Hong Kong are the top four destinations the world’s most experienced travelers want to visit. Nigeria, El Salvador, Cote d’Ivoire and Niger were the least desirous places, according to the survey. 

“The desire and willingness to travel to less touristy destinations are how many travelers will avoid the crowds associated with the post-pandemic travel rebound,” Richards said. “Before COVID, people were content with traditional tourist destinations. But now, places that are less accessible and a little more risky are gaining interest.” 


The post Traveller wanderlust increases as travel fears nosedive  appeared first on Travel Daily.

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