Up Norway introduces new art-infused Dining Experience in ‘The Twist’ at Kistefos Museum

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Sustainable luxury travel curator Up Norway announces a collaboration with Kistefos Museum to offer an exclusive journey into the realms of art, architecture, and Norwegian heritage. A highlight, the experience promises private access to the vibrant cultural haven north of Oslo, recognized as a “must-see cultural destination” by the New York Times.

Travelers begin with a private tour of the museum and sculpture park with Senior Curator Kate Smith. Smith’s experience was gleaned in world renowned institutions and commercial galleries including Tate Modern and the National Gallery in London. Alongside her, local guides share stories of Kistefos’ rich history.

The scenic Kistefos Sculpture Park has an impressive collection of works by internationally renowned contemporary artists including Yayoi Kusama, Tony Cragg, Claes Oldenburg, Anish Kapoor, Olafur Eliasson, Fernando Bottero, and Elmgreen & Dragset. New this season, there is a site-specific sculpture from French-Italian contemporary visual artist Tatiana Trouvé in the historic Wood Pulp Mill. Conceived specifically for Kistefos, the piece embodies a fictional guardian seated on a chair to symbolize protection over the site’s diverse fauna, industrial heritage, and influential figures. It engages in a dialogue with other art pieces to highlight and preserve underrepresented stories and challenges across political, ecological, anthropological, and historical dimensions.

From there the pinnacle of the experience lies within the internationally acclaimed architectural wonder, ‘The Twist’. Designed to astound, ‘The Twist’ serves as both an art gallery and a bridge spanning the Randselva river. Its iconic aluminum structure, characterized by a literal twist, rotates 90 degrees from end to end, a testament to human ingenuity and artistic brilliance. Debuted on May 4th, the new season at ‘The Twist’ hosts British artist Hurvin Anderson’s Salon Paintings exhibition. Anderson’s critically acclaimed works delve into the intersections of place, identity, community, and culture, portraying human landscapes with profound depth.

In the architectural pearl that is The Twist, travelers will indulge in a curated four-course gastronomic journey, serenaded by a performance of “Serenity” from an octet. This bespoke composition, an ode to the Norwegian wilderness, the architectural grandeur of ‘The Twist’, and the rhythmic dance of the Randselva river, offers an immersive sensory experience.

Priced at $26,300 USD, the Up Norway Kistefos Experience for up to four people is available now through October 13th, between 3:00PM to 8:00PM. Included in the experience is a pickup from Oslo in a Jaguar, a private guided tour of Kistefos including the Sculpture Park, dinner within The Twist Gallery, and a live performance of the music piece Serenity.

Up Norway’s digital itinerary application provides comprehensive travel details, personalized recommendations, and 24-hour direct chat access to their team for any inquiries.



The post Up Norway introduces new art-infused Dining Experience in ‘The Twist’ at Kistefos Museum appeared first on Travel Daily Media.


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