Visiting Canada after lock down

Canada is a place many people are extremely excited to visit once restrictions allow and that excitement is induced by many factors. Canada is one of the most stunning countries in the world and offers a vast array of landscapes, cultures and weather, to name just a few. The selection of experiences and diversity on offer make it a great location for a selection of holiday types.

Alaska view of mountains

“A cruise is a relaxing, stress-free way to see Alaska and the wild scenery of the Inside Passage. From the ship, you get to see forested islands, mountains, glaciers, and perhaps even some wildlife. What I liked best about an Alaska Cruise was that there was scenery to enjoy almost the entire trip, even during sailing days. The time we got to spend in ports of call was also very generous, ranging from 8-14 hours. This meant there was plenty of time for adventurous excursions like bear watching, flightseeing, and hiking. Even if you’re more of an independent traveller, a cruise is a convenient way to get to some hard-to-reach places and then you’ll have a full day to explore on your own.”

Another way to experience the beauty of the Canadian countryside and the outstanding landscapes that surround it is by rail. There are a plethora of unique rail journeys you can take if you want to see the sights of Canada from a totally unique point of view. Taking a journey around Canada by train is something you may not have experienced before but is one of the best ways to see everything on your wish-list. Sit back on one of the comfortable trains and smile with glee at the spectacular views as the train winds up mountains, past lakes and through dense forests.

Road on side of a hill

If you are thinking of planning a road trip to Canada, it is probably because you want to explore its scenery and all the other unique experiences it has to offer, so choosing the right itinerary for you is really important. The best way to explore Canada on your own terms is when it is planned so making a list of places you want to visit, when you want to visit them and how to get there will ensure you have a smooth and uninterrupted journey. Lucie and Martin from Laidback Trip have visited Canada before and gave us their thoughts on the experience and why they would recommend it:

Jacquie, the blogger behind Flashpacking Family has been on a Canadian driving holiday before and offered her recommendations: “Driving in Canada is easy because the roads are large and not terribly busy. The main thing you need to be aware of if you are taking a road trip in Canada with kids is that the car seat laws in Canada are different from the UK. If you are bringing your own car seats with you from the UK, you will need to check that they comply. Be aware also that these laws can vary depending on which province you are visiting.”

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Driving laws in Canada: Vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road. There are two types of green lights in Canada – a full green light means the same as in Europe but a flashing green light means you can make a left turn. The minimum speed on a highway is 60km/h and the maximum is 100km/h unless otherwise stated. A UK driving license must have been obtained for a year to be able to hire in Canada. UK car seats are not permitted. READ MORE: Top Tips For Driving In Canada


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