59club Asia signs Laguna Golf Group to its partnership portfolio

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Laguna Golf Group, renowned as operating world-class golf courses in three different countries located in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, has recently joined the rapidly expanding list of clients of 59club Asia. Recognised as Asia’s first integrated golf resorts, which offers not just golf, but also impressive lifestyle amenities like spas, restaurants, bars, boutique shops, and sports activities, Laguna Golf Group is committed to maintaining a very high level of service, following its own high standards.

By utilising the industry leading services provided by 59club Asia, such as customer service analytics and unmatched training platforms, the resorts can ensure ongoing improvements in providing service excellence to both members and guests. At the same time, the resorts are dedicated to achieving enhancements in all operational aspects to enrich customer experiences.

59club Asia provides tools for assessment that are peerless in the market, including Customer Service Analysis, Staff Training Programmes, Surveys for Members & Visitors and Mystery Shopper Audits. These tools can provide important information to hospitality management teams to help them improve customer service and sales practices.

Paul Wilson, AVP & Group Golf Director of Laguna Golf, expressed great enthusiasm about partnering with golf’s leading benchmarking company, 59club Asia, and said: “We’re excited to announce our collaboration with 59club Asia, renowned experts in people development with a proven track record of managing top-tier golf courses in Europe, Middle East, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. This partnership focuses on elevating our golf courses and services alongside 59club Asia. Our selected participants include our prominent golf courses in Phuket, Indonesia and Vietnam—Laguna Golf Phuket, Laguna Golf Bintan and Laguna Lang co. With 59club Asia, we’re dedicated to achieving our shared goals.”

After securing the collaboration with the Laguna Golf Group, Araya Singhsuwan, Operations Director, 59club Asia, said with confidence: “Laguna Golf Group stands out as a prime destination for golfers in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. With a dedicated management team focuses on enhancing customer experiences, their collaboration with 59club Asia brings even more value. Through Mystery Shopper Audits and Member & Visitor Surveys, they’re gathering essential insights to further elevate their already high standards and provide an exceptional experience for all”.

59club Asia stands as the foremost provider of cutting-edge software and comprehensive assessment criteria within the golf industry across Asia. Based in Bangkok, the organisation is at the forefront of revolutionising customer service analysis and training for golf clubs, the leisure and hospitality industieres throughout the region. Through innovative technology and tailored evaluation standards, 59club Asia empowers golf clubs to enhance their service quality, ultimately leading to elevated customer satisfaction.




The post 59club Asia signs Laguna Golf Group to its partnership portfolio appeared first on Travel Daily.

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