Aeronology accepted into Global Luxury Travel Group Virtuoso

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AERONOLOGY  announced a wide-reaching technology and services provider agreement with Virtuoso®, the global network specialising in luxury and experiential travel. 

An experienced leader in travel technology, Aeronology pioneered the creation of the world’s best full-service “Point of Sale” travel booking and mini-ticket centre platform. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, its AeroFares platform caters to Virtuoso travel advisors and their esteemed clientele, offering a seamless and modern booking experience. Aeronology also provides airfares and ticketing technology services for Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus and TravelSky.

“We are extremely proud and honoured to be selected as a global airfares and ticketing technology supplier for a company as distinguished as Virtuoso,” said Russell Carstensen, CEO and Founder of Aeronology. “Virtuoso is the leading global network of luxury travel, and its advisors are unparalleled in their expertise on both destinations and products. It’s our mission to assist these advisors with air services, a landscape that has become increasingly fragmented and complex.”

Carstensen added: “Our technology addresses the needs of three types of travel advisor. Firstly, we serve non-GDS, non-IATA users. Secondly, a travel advisor equipped with GDS but not IATA. And thirdly, the large host travel advisors who possess both GDS and IATA but need a full-ticket centre solution for their travel advisors and ICs.”

Aeronology’s services will commence late June 2024 in the North American market, and other global markets are expected to quickly follow suit. To kickstart the process, Virtuoso advisors will be invited to complete an “Expressions of Interest” application. This will help the experts at Aeronology understand their expressed air service and technology needs.

“Access to premium airfare content is becoming more difficult. With NDC emerging as a hub for exclusive fares, our NDC applications offer a second-to-none Direct Connect full self-service with airlines such as American Airlines, Emirates, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa Group and Qantas. United Airlines and others will be coming onboard soon,” said Carstensen.

“All available Ancillaries and Special Service Requests (SSR) are bookable online,” Carstensen explained. “With Aeronology, you can book, change, rebook, reissue, cancel and refund all on one screen. And our intuitive training ensures every user is proficient within hours. We allow all Travel advisors to perform like IATA agents, even if they’re not. And if you are IATA, we allow you to become more productive, as well as error- and ADM-free.”





The post Aeronology accepted into Global Luxury Travel Group Virtuoso appeared first on Brand TD.


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