AirGateway now hosts easyJet content facilitated by Kyte

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​Kyte has today announced a commercial partnership with flight booking technology specialist AirGateway. AirGateway’s platform now includes offerings from Europe’s leading airline, easyJet. Air Gateway’s clients can now access easyJet content thanks to the direct-connection facilitated by Kyte, anapproved partner channel of the carrier which streamlines its API integrations.

Kyte has been a partner of easyJet for years and together they aim to make direct connections more efficient and less resource intensive for travel partners. Kyte’s standardised interface is aimed at overcoming many challenges around content and functionality limitations, often associated with poor quality integrations or web-scraping.

AirGateway’s clients are primarily travel management companies (TMCs) who operate in the corporate travel space and therefore strongly prioritise 1) full content coverage, 2) operational efficiency, and 3) reliability.

Now, thanks to Kyte, AirGateway’s users will be able to access and book the full range of easyJet fares and bundles, including seats and other products and services, without having to worry about data inconsistency or outages.

Alice Ferrari, CEO and Co-founder of Kyte says: “The industry is gradually transitioning to API distribution. However, for the transition to be successful the quality of the content and functionalities cannot be compromised. Kyte carries out integrations in depth to ensure travelers get a seamless experience when booking flights through third parties. We are proud that AirGateway has chosen us as their partner to deliver high caliber easyJet content to their customers.”

Jorge Diaz, CEO of AirGateway: “We strive to deliver a highly efficient booking experience to our corporate travel agencies through our API and travel agent desktop, BookingPad. We are excited about this partnership with Kyte bringing an effective API-based connection to easyJet to our clients alongside the 27+ major NDC  airlines, as well as Travelport GDS (EDIFACT) and consolidated content, all in one screen.”


The post AirGateway now hosts easyJet content facilitated by Kyte appeared first on Travel Daily.

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