Cornerstone strategically invests in Traxo

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Traxo, Inc., the world’s only real-time corporate travel data capture provider and Cornerstone Information Systems, a global leader in managing travel and expense operations, have joined forces to modernize corporate travel management. 

This partnership will empower Cornerstone clients, who include TMCs, corporate travel departments, OTAs, and other travel intermediaries, with Traxo’s patented ‘Filter’ technology, enabling unprecedented visibility into out-of-channel bookings. The alliance is truly synergistic, offering a broader data set than can be gathered through traditional channels and empowering travel management teams to take action.

Mitch Gross, Head of Growth at Cornerstone, comments: “Traxo is the market leader in real-time off-channel booking data. Cornerstone leads in bringing travel data into travel operations and using advanced automation to maximize service and efficiency. Working together puts action behind Traxo’s data and expands the range of transactions Cornerstone can impact. And – most importantly – the impact our customers can have on their clients. One plus one equals a lot more than three. We love the company and our synergies so much we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to also invest.”

Andres Fabris, Founder & CEO of Traxo, echoes this sentiment, expressing excitement over the transformative nature of the partnership: “This is a real game-changer. For the first time, companies will gain full visibility into where and when their employees travel, and that data will become actionable, leading to a complete reevaluation of how to source and negotiate agreements with travel providers worldwide.”

Cornerstone’s strategic investment in Traxo marks the first phase of a deeper technology collaboration between the two companies, with further details to be unveiled shortly. Visit Traxo (booth 2609) or Cornerstone (booth 2131) at GBTA to learn more.





The post Cornerstone strategically invests in Traxo appeared first on Travel Daily.

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