“Be Inspired By Visit Portugal” at FTWeekend

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Visit Portugal will return to the highly popular FTWeekend this September, for a second consecutive year. With the partner theme “Be Inspired by Visit Portugal,” FTWeekend guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Portuguese flavours, wines and books at Kenwood House Gardens on 2nd September 2023. The one-day festival will encompass prominent discussions, cooking demonstrations, and live performances spanning from poetry to jazz.

FTWeekend visitors will be transported to Portugal through an array of gastronomy experiences, fine wines, and literary sessions, highlighting the finest aspects of Portugal. From the coastline to the countryside, guests will leave feeling inspired to discover Portugal.

Nuno Fazenda, Portugal’s Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services, added: “The United Kingdom has historically been Portugal’s primary tourism market. This first semester of 2023 is the best ever, in the history of Portuguese tourism, including that originating from the British market, which has grown almost 10% in hotel guests compared to 2019, previously the best year ever. Additionally, Brits are discovering other regions and tourist attractions. The presence of Portugal in this prestigious Financial Times event, provides an opportunity to reinforce the notoriety of Portugal as a destination of excellence to visit all year round.”

Portugal is a firm favourite with UK holidaymakers. The destination has experienced continued growth of revenue and visitors from the UK. Portugal has seen a 15% increase in tourist revenue from the UK and a 9% increase in UK tourist arrivals in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period 2019.

The scheduled sessions will transport attendees on a journey, catering to those in search of profound and immersive travel encounters beyond conventional tourist attractions. Designed for a discerning audience, acclaimed author José Luís Peixoto will lead an expedition into the realm of Literary Tourism, unveiling narratives and illuminating as what lies between the pages. This literary journey promises to infuse Portugal-bound journeys with an enchanting literary essence.

Portuguese gastronomy presents an alluring blend of traditions and flavours. From the renowned custard tarts “pastéis de nata” to traditional seafood and fish dishes. Portugal’s Henrique Sá Pessoa, a renowned two-star Michelin Chef will showcase a mouth-watering salt cod dish to spectators.

Insightful discussions will see Portuguese two Michelin star chef José Avillez leading a conversation with Danilo Cerqueira, Tempo Vip CEO and Rachel O´Reilley, KUONI Director of Communications about Portugal’s culinary journey – from field to table.

As Portuguese wine narrates stories of age-old vineyards, from the Douro Valley to Azores wines, every sip opens a gateway to centuries of viticultural legacy. Guests can embark on their own journey through Portuguese wines with Master of Wine Julia Harding and FT drinks columnist Alice Lascelles as they guide a tasting of the most exquisite Portuguese wines.

These tourism segments encapsulate not just a commitment to cultural preservation and sustainability, but also wield a transformative influence. Their allure lies in their ability to usher travellers into uncharted territories of taste, thought, and exploration. This blend of experiences, luxurious in its divergence from the conventional, promises to shape the future of travel into one that is rich, holistic, and extraordinary.

The thousands attending FTWeekend will also learn why Portugal is one of the most inspiring countries to visit and how it is leading the way in food and drink, culture, and literature.


The post “Be Inspired By Visit Portugal” at FTWeekend appeared first on Travel Daily.

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