Experience comfort and style in new BWH Hotels in Thailand and Japan

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Tawa Ravadee Resort Prachinburi

In an exciting stride towards global expansion, BWH Hotels has inaugurated five new hotels across two of Asia’s most captivating countries: Thailand and Japan, inviting all travellers to indulge in the comfort, luxury, and connectivity that these properties offer, promising an unforgettable journey through the heart of bustling Bangkok and the cultural haven of Kyoto, among others.

The allure of Thailand and Japan is an ever-present beacon for global travellers. These two captivating countries offer an irresistible blend of ancient traditions, modern marvels, and natural wonders, making them sought-after destinations for adventurers, culture enthusiasts, and leisure seekers alike.

From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the tranquil beauty of Kyoto, the journey through Thailand and Japan promises an unforgettable tapestry of experiences. It is within this vibrant landscape that BWH Hotels has expanded its footprint, introducing five new properties that embody the essence of these remarkable nations. Here are the new BWH Hotels that you should check out:

Best Western Ratchada Hotel

Bangkok’s modern marvels: Best Western Ratchada Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Bangkok’s burgeoning Ratchada district, the Best Western Ratchada Hotel stands as a beacon of contemporary elegance. Surrounded by towering commercial structures and conveniently located near MRT subway stations, this modern midscale hotel boasts 120 exquisitely designed rooms. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, you will find an outdoor pool, an inviting restaurant, and a well-equipped boardroom at your disposal. The hotel’s commitment to ensuring a seamless experience is evident through its high-speed connectivity, keeping you in touch with the world during your stay.

Best Western Chatuchak

Shop and stay: Best Western Chatuchak

For the avid shopper seeking the perfect blend of convenience and luxury, the brand-new Best Western Chatuchak is an unparalleled gem. Situated adjacent to Chatuchak Market, a true shopaholic’s paradise and a must-visit tourist attraction, this 192-key hotel promises an urban adventure like no other. The hotel’s elegantly appointed rooms are complemented by a charming garden, versatile meeting spaces, and a tantalizing restaurant. With MRT subway and BTS skytrain stations just moments away, exploring the city has never been easier. This property seamlessly merges comfort, style, and accessibility for an unforgettable stay.

KAYA Kyoto Nijo Castle, BW Signature Collection by Best Western

Kyoto’s cultural retreat: KAYA Kyoto Nijo Castle, BW Signature Collection by Best Western

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Kyoto with a stay at KAYA Kyoto Nijo Castle, BW Signature Collection by Best Western. Nestled at the heart of Japan’s former capital and surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the iconic Nijo Castle, this boutique hotel offers 57 elegantly designed rooms. As a curious explorer, you will have the privilege of delving into the cultural essence of Kyoto while enjoying modern amenities such as a fitness center and a refined restaurant. Whether you are here for history or leisure, KAYA Kyoto Nijo Castle promises an experience that’s both enlightening and indulgent.

Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport

Airport convenience and comfort: Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport

For jetsetters seeking unparalleled convenience, Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport is a haven. With a direct connection to the airport, your journey to the hotel is effortlessly smooth. This 1557-key property is more than just a transit point—it is a complete experience. Seamlessly connected to a shopping zone catering to your travel essentials and a restaurant zone offering a delectable array of local and international cuisine, this hotel goes beyond expectations. And for ultimate relaxation, indulge in the natural hot spring, an oasis to rejuvenate after your travels.

Tawa Ravadee Resort Prachinburi

Serene tropical escape: Tawa Ravadee Resort Prachinburi

Embracing the allure of Dvaravati-style charm, Tawa Ravadee Resort Prachinburi beckons with its emphasis on outdoor living amidst lush greenery and tropical plants. This idyllic resort offers 199 rooms and suites, each designed to create a relaxing and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape or an adventure in the surrounding natural beauty, Tawa Ravadee Resort Prachinburi promises to be a haven of tranquility and serenity.

KAYA Kyoto Nijo Castle, BW Signature Collection by Best Western

Unlock exclusive benefits with Best Western Rewards (BWR®)

As you embark on your journey through these exquisite BWH Hotels properties, don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your experience through the Best Western Rewards (BWR®) loyalty program. From free nights at any of the hotels worldwide to the advantage of No Blackout Dates and Points Never Expiring, BWR® is designed to reward your loyalty. Elite status, achievable after just five nights, elevates your experience further, unlocking privileges that you can enjoy until March 2025. Experience the world with Best Western Rewards—where your journey is enriched and your loyalty celebrated.

BWH Hotels’ new properties in Thailand and Japan offer an unparalleled fusion of comfort, style, and convenience. From Bangkok’s bustling districts to Kyoto’s cultural wonders, these hotels cater to diverse preferences, making them an ideal choice for both business and leisure travellers. As you explore these captivating destinations, remember that BWR® stands ready to enhance your experience, ensuring that your stay is not only memorable but also rewarding. Indulge in the charm, luxury, and connectivity that BWH Hotels promises, and embark on a journey that is truly extraordinary.


The post Experience comfort and style in new BWH Hotels in Thailand and Japan appeared first on Travel Daily.

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