Corendon Airlines takes delivery of Boeing 737-8 Aircraft

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Now in its 18th year of existence, Corendon Airlines continues to renew its fleet with the introduction of Boeing 737-8 aircraft to enhance passenger flight experience and increase efficiency with advanced technological features.

Corendon Airlines, has become an international holiday airline with its direct flights from many European countries such as United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland and many others.

Entering its 19th season, Corendon Airlines continues to rejuvenate its fleet. As one of Turkey’s leading airlines, it also flies to popular holiday destinations in Greece, Spain and Egypt.

A total of 7 Boeing 737-8s will be in the sky with Corendon colours

Corendon Airlines, which became the 8th company with the highest number of service exports in 2022 according to the research conducted by the Turkish Exporters Assembly and made a name for itself in Europe and in Turkey with its successful flights and operations, has added a new aircraft to its fleet.

The TC-MKG registered Boeing 737-8 model aircraft, which was manufactured at Boeing’s Renton factory and received directly from the delivery centre in Seattle, became the youngest member of the Corendon Airlines fleet. Corendon Airlines, which continues to rejuvenate its fleet with the factory-built aircraft it has added to its fleet, became the owner of 7 Boeing 737-8s in total, with the new aircraft delivered last year.

Thanks to the advanced technology used in these aircraft, the airline carries out its operations more efficiently and offers passengers a high level of comfort and a quieter flight. The new generation aircraft, which provide 15% less fuel consumption, lower carbon emissions and a 40% lower noise footprint also contributes to Corendon Airlines’ sustainability and environmental protection policies.

Corendon Airlines was the first airline to use the 737-8 model aircraft in Turkey and the Netherlands

Corendon Airlines, known as the ‘Airline of Firsts’ and carrying millions of people to the most popular holiday destinations every year, was the first airline in Turkey and the Netherlands to add the Boeing 737-8 to its fleet in 2018.

In the 2023 season, Corendon Airlines continues its operations with 37 aircraft in its fleet, all of which are Boeing 737 series, together with its Malta-registered subsidiary Corendon Airlines Europe and Dutch-flagged Corendon Dutch Airlines.

Corendon Airlines will continue its successful operations in the coming seasons with its renewed fleet and expanded flight network.


The post Corendon Airlines takes delivery of Boeing 737-8 Aircraft appeared first on Travel Daily.

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