Digitrips launches AI-powered virtual assistant by mTrip

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Digitrips, owner of leading French multi-product travel platform MisterFly announced the launch of its ChatGPT-powered virtual assistant service, offering travel tips and destination advice to travellers in 11 languages.

The new feature, developed by Digitrips’ mobile solutions subsidiary mTrip, is now being tested in the group’s MisterFly App and will soon be added to the app’s white-label version, which is used by travel agencies and tour operators worldwide.

The move comes as mTrip, which provides custom-branded travel companion applications for travel providers, celebrates an impressive 70% rise in the number of Passenger Name Records (PNRs) managed in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period last year.

With 140 B2B clients worldwide, the software company handles over four million PNRs each year and powers several apps within the Digitrips group, including France’s leading multi-product travel platform, MisterFly.

Emilie Dumont, CEO of Digitrips, said: “With generative AI, we’re witnessing the birth of a new way of searching for information. Our new virtual assistant stands ready to deliver precise and tailored recommendations to travellers, empowering them to effectively plan and make the most of their travel.

“The intelligent tool is already live for MisterFly users, but it won’t be long before our core B2B clients and their travellers can enhance their custom-branded travel apps with our tailored, intuitive, and intelligent AI assistant.”

Frédéric de Pardieu, CEO of mTrip – part of Digitrips – added: “Our virtual assistant service assists travellers with discovering attractions and experiences, as well as providing them with insightful knowledge about their chosen destination and local tips such as ‘where should I go for my jogging this morning?’ – all with the help of a user-friendly chat.

“Although powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, our adaptable solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with other conversational AI tools including Google Bard, ensuring that travel planning remains a swift and hassle-free experience for leisure and business travellers alike.”





The post Digitrips launches AI-powered virtual assistant by mTrip appeared first on Travel Daily.

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