Greece’s Acropolis is overrun, and visitors are sweltering in the heat. Here’s the plan to address it

Greece’s Acropolis faces changes in its entry system due to a staggering 70% increase in daily visitors compared to last summer. To address overcrowding and protect visitors from extreme heat, new measures are being rushed through. Sun shades will be installed, and the Red Cross is distributing water to help those suffering from heat exhaustion.

To manage crowds, starting from the end of July, the Ministry of Culture will implement hourly time slots and electronic ticket scanning for faster access. Separate entry points for large tour groups will also be introduced. The situation has raised concerns with Unesco about the preservation of this world heritage site.

Visitors are advised to buy tickets in advance, take advantage of discounts, and consider visiting on Saturdays when crowds are lower. Being patient, covering up, and bringing sufficient water are crucial, as there are limited options to purchase water inside the site. Researching ahead of the visit and opting for guided tours can enhance the experience. Lastly, finding a good rooftop bar to enjoy the illuminated Acropolis during sunset is recommended.

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