Global Travel Collection reports advisors are taking advantage of strong demand for luxury cruising

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Global Travel Collection, part of Internova Travel Group has seen a surge in summer 2024 cruise bookings, with the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Norwegian Fjords topping the list of preferred destinations for luxury travellers. The Caribbean is increasingly a favoured spot for the Christmas period, while the agency anticipates a growing interest in cruises to the Far East and South America from November to February.

Global Travel Collection anticipates cruise bookings will significantly boost business for their advisors, with one agent already securing over £1 million in sales during their first year of booking cruises.

An independent advisor, Debbie Arnold, who has been booking cruises for over 30 years, has seen a shift in cruise clientele, with it appealing increasingly to all ages. “There is more curiosity for cruising, due to new cruise lines and the ease of visiting multiple destinations in one trip,” Arnold noted. “A significant portion of my cruise bookings are coming from families, which cruises cater very well to. Cruises have so much to offer, including a diverse range of activities and some unique experiences for more adventurous travellers.”

She also noted that client preferences were moving towards extended cruise durations, from 7-day cruises to more immersive 12-18 days at sea. “Travellers want more out of their trips, so it makes sense they would want to spend longer aboard. There are itineraries taking passengers on expeditions to destinations such as Antarctica, Galapagos, and other wonderful destinations. Japan is proving to be a popular destination this year in addition to cruises to New England and Alaska.”

“My clients are keen to book ahead, and I have had the busiest January for cruises, with bookings as far ahead as 2026,” continued Arnold. “When my clients disembark a cruise, they are often keen to put a deposit down for the next one, so many repeat clients.”

Due to the influx of new cruise ships, rising demand for ultra-luxury experiential cruises is also on the rise. Clients are increasingly turning to cruises as an alternative to all-inclusive resorts across an assortment of holiday types, from honeymoons to multigenerational family holidays.

Another advisor, Joe Dias, shared that many of his clients are favouring cruises over luxury resorts due to the superior value offered. He emphasises the importance of listening to clients’ needs and having the know-how to determine if a cruise holiday would suit their requirements. “Getting to grips with cross-selling can enhance your ability to diversify sales across land and cruise holidays,” Dias said.

“So often, cruise product is overlooked in the middle-luxury market. We are seeing cruise bookings increasing as clients are becoming more receptive to our suggestions, and even looking to replace their traditional resort holidays with cruising,” he continued. My clients have been pleasantly surprised by what luxury cruises have to offer, and the ease of taking a cruise, especially for the larger groups. I’ve seen a significant uptake in bookings recently and even a seven-figure booking for a group with a luxury cruise line.”

Vice President of Global Travel Collection, Francesca Mendola said “Many luxury travellers are looking for something different from the traditional all-inclusive resorts. They are curious to experience something new, and ultra-luxury cruising is an experience they want to tick off their list. Small ship cruising has also been popular for luxury clients desiring a more authentic experience.”

Mendola highlighted the exponential growth in cruise bookings and remarkable success among advisors. “Recognising the surging demand for cruising, we are dedicated to strengthening our partner relations with cruise lines and providing cruise training for our independent advisors,” said Mendola. “We are poised for an exceptional year with robust growth in the luxury cruise sector. We aim to empower our advisors to diversify their sales and enhance their ability to promote and sell cruises effectively.”




The post Global Travel Collection reports advisors are taking advantage of strong demand for luxury cruising appeared first on Brand TD.


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