Hilton Singapore Orchard Unveils ‘Smart Studio’ – New Meeting Space

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Hilton Singapore Orchard, the largest Hilton hotel in  Asia Pacific, is delighted to introduce its new meeting space, Smart Studio. Strategically  located on Level Eight, Smart Studio was designed to capture optimal city views and  natural lighting, setting the stage for inspiring and productive gatherings. The name  reflects its purpose: a state-of-the-art space tailored to meet the demanding needs of  collaboration and content creation. Significantly, each room in Smart Studio offers  seamless connectivity with all hotel event spaces like the Grand Ballroom, unlocking  unprecedented opportunities for event planners and participants.

The Smart Studio bolsters Hilton Singapore Orchard’s positioning as the third largest  MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) hotel venue in Singapore,  further cementing its position as a top destination for business and events. With the  addition of the Smart Studio, guests now have seamless access to a suite of  accommodation from the hotel’s inventory of larger and more flexible room categories  that were introduced early this year and the Grand Ballroom on Level Six, all of which  are housed within the same tower of the hotel.

The five versatile function rooms are each sized approximately 60 sqm, together adding  an additional 296 sqm to the hotel’s current total event space inventory of over 2,400  sqm.

Designed for the Region’s Thriving Economy and Business Needs
“We planned and designed the new Smart Studio meeting space based on our insights  into our business guests and their current and evolving needs”, explains Cedric Nubul,  general manager, Hilton Singapore Orchard. “The new space augments and amplifies our established large space capabilities – such as our ballrooms and our Smart Oasis  meeting space on Level Five – and gives our guests new options to deliver a special  experience to smaller- and mid-sized gatherings. We see growing demand for groups of  up to 40 participants that could span pre-conference leadership meetings through to  focused breakout sessions. Overall, this move positions us to meet the evolving needs  and demands of event planners and businesses in Singapore and the thriving Southeast  Asia region.”

Cutting-Edge Technology
Designed by Avalon Collective, who is also responsible for the contemporary and  modern design for much of the hotel, Smart Studio boasts the right blend of avant-garde  elegance and cutting-edge audio-visual technology.

Each room has integrated the latest audio-visual and meeting technology to ensure  seamless outcomes for any programme or agenda. Importantly, each room’s 98-inch  LED screens with video conferencing capabilities, the most advanced technology of any  event space in Hilton Singapore Orchard, can seamlessly integrate into programmes  anchored around the hotel’s ballroom facilities to deliver unparalleled flexibility and  accessibility to event planners and participants engaged in breakout sessions.

This seamless level of connectivity between each meeting space demonstrates how the  new Smart Studio complements and enhances Hilton Singapore Orchard’s ability to  cater to events of varying sizes.

An elegantly designed communal lounge foyer that exudes a cosy, residential feel to  make guests feel at home is also available for guests to engage in warm and meaningful  conversations outside of the meeting rooms. It is also in this lounge area where guests

can find an always-on Butler’s Pantry stocked with healthy snacks and homemade  beverages that participants can enjoy throughout the day. The pantry is also equipped  with induction cookers for more elaborate culinary experiences, which can be tailored to the needs of the participants by the hotel’s culinary team.

Inviting Guests and Attendees to Connect Deeper with Singapore
The Smart Studio’s namesake is inspired by the premise of studios being places for the  study of an art and where creativity is celebrated. In that same vein, the designers took  great care to ensure every design element, from fluted panels to the botanical-inspired  colour tones, captured the essence of Hilton Singapore Orchard while maintaining a  distinctive design that is special to this new and unique space where creativity can  flourish.

Importantly, the hotel has kept a strong element of this being a uniquely Singapore  space to help keep meeting attendees focused and grounded by knowing they are in a  place unlike anywhere else. This is exemplified through the layout of the Smart Studio that not only spotlights the views, but also invites meeting attendees to experience a  taste of Singapore’s remarkable heritage and teaches guests a little about Singapore’s  local flower species with the names of each meeting room like Amaryllis and Frangipani.

Offering a Purposeful, Sustainable, and Carbon-Neutral Meeting Experience
Hilton Singapore Orchard has fully integrated Hilton’s Meet with Purpose programme into our operations, and the programme guides the hotel’s commitment to  environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Guests can discover how this  programme can make their meetings and events unique, memorable, and impactful.  Whether it is through initiatives to neutralise carbon dioxide emissions via carbon credits  with ClimeCo or practices of food donation, the hotel offers options that make a positive  contribution to our planet and communities.

In addition, the Hilton LightStay Meeting Impact Calculator empowers guests and event  planners with insights into their event’s environmental impact, providing a customised  estimate and suggesting ways to reduce carbon footprint. This supports Hilton  Singapore Orchard’s belief that every meeting or event held at the hotel should not only  be a celebration of connection and collaboration but also an embodiment of our shared  responsibility to protect the planet for future generations.

Hilton Singapore Orchard ensures that all guests enjoy an eco-friendly experience  through energy-efficient technologies and a commitment to eliminating single-use  plastics. Additionally, the property is proud to be the first hotel in Singapore to introduce  an on-site water filtration system, which purifies and bottles premium drinking water in  reusable glass bottles. These special considerations will continue to be woven into all  events and experiences held at the hotel, including ones in the Smart Studio. In this way,  each attendee of a business event at Hilton Singapore Orchard can be confident in the  hotel’s commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.




The post Hilton Singapore Orchard Unveils ‘Smart Studio’ – New Meeting Space appeared first on Travel Daily.

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