ATECA Hotel Suites records remarkable performance

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ATECA Hotel Suites has announced its outstanding performance during the typically low-business summer months, posting an impressive average occupancy rate of 87% from May to July. This stellar achievement continues to position the hotel as a market leader, surpassing competing establishments in the region.

Forecasts for August and September are equally optimistic, based on the current market trends and the strong position held by the hotel. The extraordinary results are not only indicative of the hotel’s premier offerings but also underscore the burgeoning appeal of Uzbekistan as a leading tourism destination.

Dubai-based, Michel Noblet, the Executive Chairman of ATECA Holding, hailed the remarkable results: “These exceptional numbers are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. The flourishing tourism landscape in Uzbekistan, bolstered by commendable governmental initiatives and local tourism bodies, promises an exhilarating growth trajectory. From Asia to Europe and the Americas, the nation is rapidly becoming a hotspot for travelers from around the globe.”

Hina Bakht, Vice Chairperson of ATECA Holding, shared her insights: “From the very inception of ATECA Hotel Suites operations in September 2021 to the record-breaking performance this summer, our journey has been one of unwavering commitment to excellence. It reflects our dedication to crafting exceptional experiences for our guests. As we set our sights on further growth, we remain confident in our ability to support the continuous growth of the hospitality sector in Uzbekistan.”

ATECA Holding, under the leadership of Michel Noblet, boasts unmatched expertise and experience that spans five continents over 65 countries, ranging from Europe to the Middle East. Michel’s impressive 55-year trajectory has seen him develop and operate an array of landmark hotels and award-winning mixed-use commercial ventures. Leveraging this immense wealth of experience, ATECA Holding has set its sights on expansive plans in Uzbekistan. The company is keenly scouting opportunities to manage and operate hotels, with a distinct objective: to significantly boost their financial performance with the highest international standards.

Michel stressed, “Having journeyed to Uzbekistan, I stand committed to bolstering its burgeoning tourism sector, which has graciously opened its doors to international experts. My prime objective is not just to uplift the industry, but to breathe new life into hotels that might be underperforming as well as play a part in the professional development of the amazing people of Uzbekistan. The crux of our success lies in how the nation and its people receive and support foreign experts. It’s imperative that foreigners feel a warm welcome, much like the embrace we experience in Dubai, my current base. Together, we can chart a new course for the hospitality industry in this beautiful land with the rich ‘Silk Road’ heritage.”



The post ATECA Hotel Suites records remarkable performance appeared first on Travel Daily.

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