Step inside a Monet painting at a new exhibition touring the US By: Sasha Brady

First it was Van Gogh who got the digital blockbuster treatment and now it’s Monet’s turn. Immersive art exhibition ‘Monet by the Water’ is preparing to tour the US, bringing the French artist’s paintings to life in large-scale digital presentations.

Touring immersive Van Gogh shows have taken the US by storm. Nearly every major city has hosted – and potentially sold out – at least one version of the glossy sound-and-light show. If that wasn’t enough, American audiences now have the chance to experience a similar exhibition with Monet. ‘Monet by the Water’ will debut in San Francisco in December, before hitting Minneapolis, Atlanta, Seattle, Miami, Denver, St. Louis, and Philadelphia – just as some of the Van Gogh shows across the US begin to wind up.

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The exhibition will travel to eight US states ©Monet by the Water

If you’ve been to any one of the Van Gogh shows, you know the drill. Walls and floors of large art spaces will be transformed into a Monet dream world, designed to cocoon guests inside the French artist’s famous work; the gardens of Giverny, the beaches of Normandy and the bustling Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris. For 60 minutes, guests can wander through moving images as digital projectors show animated versions of more than 250 of Monet’s paintings, accompanied by music and sound effects.

Created by the Museum of Immersive Roaming Arts, the exact locations have yet to be revealed – guests will find out where the exhibition is closer to the event.  Tickets aren’t on sale yet but you can sign up to the waitlist here.

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