The Prince Akatoki launches “Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience”

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Welcome to the serene world of Japanese tea culture. Step into the Malt Lounge at Marylebone hotel The Prince Akatoki, where esteemed Japanese Tea Master, Keiko Uchida, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, will be hosting a unique ceremony designed to engage a global audience. The first event will take place on Wednesday 23rd August at 2:00pm, and monthly thereafter. With over 25 years’ experience in the art of the Japanese tea ceremony, Keiko is the perfect guide for this enchanting exploration.

During the ceremony, Keiko will graciously enlighten guests about the history of green tea, and the philosophy and cultural background behind the Japanese Tea Ceremony, which can involve gardening, textiles, architecture, calligraphy and food, as well as tea. Keiko will demonstrate how to prepare and serve a cup of matcha tea, guiding guests on the traditional way of serving and drinking in public, with traditional guests and manners. The Malt Lounge & Bar will offer guests a refreshing Akashi-Tai Sparkling Sake – a delightful accompaniment that elevates the essence of the ceremony. And to satiate taste buds, a Japanese-inspired cream tea will be available,  harmoniously blending East and West.

Order of Events:

History of tea, matcha tea and tea ceremony.
Philosophy of Japanese tea ceremony.
Tea ceremony, meditation and hospitality.
Health and beauty benefit of matcha tea.
Demonstration/ how to make some matcha tea with proper equipment.
All guests will make their own cup of matcha tea with equipment.

How: The Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience at The Prince Akatoki is £75 per person, including, the tea ceremony, glass of sparkling sake, and Japanese inspired cream tea.




The post The Prince Akatoki launches “Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience” appeared first on Travel Daily.

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