TourReview ranks Germany as the number 10 top European destination

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Ahead of Arival and ITB Berlin next week, TourReview – the technology-driven travel review platform for the tours and activities sector – unveils Germany as the number ten ranked destination in Europe based on traveller reviews and also reveals the top five cities with the highest travel quality attractions and activities in Germany.

Following an analysis by TourReview, Germany stands as the 10th best country in Europe based on online reviews sourced from platforms such as TripAdvisor and Expedia. In 2023, Germany garnered over 118,000 reviews, achieving a remarkable 4.7 rating out of 5.

Additionally TourReview used its data to find out the top five German cities, according to traveller evaluations on a scale of 1 to 5:

Berlin: The capital city offers a diverse array of attractions, from architectural wonders like the Reichstag Building to poignant landmarks such as the Holocaust Memorial. Berlin concluded 2023 with 62,724 online reviews and a commendable score of 4.6.

Munich: Known as the capital of the Bayern region and host to Oktoberfest, Munich boasts captivating landmarks like the University of Munich and Marienplatz square. With 47,192 online reviews, Munich secured a score of 4.6.
Cologne: Positioned on the Rhein river, Cologne is home to the iconic Cologne Cathedral and the Ludwig Museum. With 5,882 online reviews, it achieved an impressive score of 4.9.
Nuremberg: This southern gem features mediaeval architecture, including the Kaiserburg Castle, and the Hauptmarkt with the Schöner Brunnen fountain. Nuremberg gathered 1,471 online reviews, securing a score of 4.6.
Frankfurt: Situated on the Main River, Frankfurt blends historical significance with modernity, housing attractions like the House of Goethe and the Central European Bank. With 1,319 online reviews, Frankfurt achieved a score of 4.6.

TourReview is set to be a prominent participant at two prestigious events in Berlin over the coming days: the Arival 360 Conference and then ITB Berlin. The former will be hosted at the Estrel Berlin, one of the largest convention hotels in Berlin, from March 2–4. The latter, the world’s largest tourism tradeshow, will be held at Messe Berlin from March 4–7. 

Jose Arozarena, CEO at TourReview, commented: “Real-time feedback on what travellers value is essential for providers of tours and activities to adapt their products, build their teams, adjust pricing, and more. The insights derived from this snapshot of Germany tell us much about what travellers visiting the country really want. Providers across the country should be thinking about what these leading experiences are doing that they can learn from and borrow from. As part of our commitment to enhancing the tours and activities sector, TourReview will be actively engaging with industry leaders, sharing our insights at Arival and ITB Berlin. We are excited to unveil not only the best-rated destinations but also discuss how our platform is poised to contribute to the evolution of the industry.”

TourReview – Unveiling Travel Insights: This data has been curated using TourReview’s advanced software, employing unbiased Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) integrated technologies. TourReview specialises in centralising online reviews, providing comprehensive analysis for tour operators, including sentiment analysis, time analysis, and tour analysis. The platform also offers scheduled reports to enhance the quality of customer experiences and foster a positive online reputation.





The post TourReview ranks Germany as the number 10 top European destination appeared first on Brand TD.


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